Another Home Made Firearm


I don’t know where this one is from, I got no background on it. I certainly would not want to test fire this one.


  1. Soooo…the “barrel” containing one round screws into the threaded “receiver”. The long pin goes into the back of the receiver and is held against the primer by the big rubber band. You hit the back of the pin with your hand and off she goes…or at least that’s my guess as to how it works. 40000psi held together by a bit of plumbing if you’re lucky.

  2. As to anyone wondering how the pressure of a rifle round is contained in something this crude, it might not be contained at all. Many of the homemade handguns chambered in stolen military rifle cartridges have intentionally oversized bores and chambers, letting the propellant gasses blow by around the bullet reducing pressure (and velocity) substantially.
    Coincidentally a very similar solution is found in the blowback HK VP70.


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