2020 Colt Catalog


Thanks to our buddy Brent over at the ColtAr15Resource we have some images of the new Colt rifles in 2020. This is the LE/Mil/Export Catalog of course but you can safely bet some of these will show up for commercial sale later this year in some form or other. That bottom SPR type 901 has me pretty excited. The 901s We have and have tested have showed how accurate they can be. I get pretty hyped at the thought of doing one up as a dedicated precision rifle.


  1. Hot damn, the MCC lives on! I hope this means that parts for the 901 and CM762 can drop below H&K prices at last. I do really like the M5 lower I hope the PDW is one of the ones that makes it to market.

    • I have one, and it is a really well balanced rifle and up until fairly recently one of the lightest .308 AR’s. While the loss of velocity over a 20″ kind of sucks, it still a damn accurate gun with rounds like the 155gr. A-Max.

  2. May i receive a tactical weapons catalog and ordinary shooting ,shotgun catalog and also the ammo catalog.
    Thank ya’ll


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