Coronavirus Update 2/6/2020

  • Total cases stand at 31.439 as death toll climbs to 639
  • China claims the growth in people under medical observation has peaked, and is now slowing. That really means they run out of testing kits but won’t admit it and the people sick are not locked up in their homes unable to leave.
  • Japan reports 41 additional cases, for a total of 61 aboard the quarantined cruise ship. Life on that ship must be hell for the people stuck there not knowing if they wil come down with Kung Flu.
  • Senior CCP official orders Wuhan to round up infected residents for mass quarantine camps …..
  • Beijing completes second coronavirus hospital in Wuhan.
  • Wuhan hospital confirms that doctor who was one of first to warn about virus died on Thursday. Type F in the comments to pay respect lads.
  • Economists warn China faces difficult dilemma in deciding when workers should return to work. As always money is a primary worry.
  • Taiwan halts visas for citizens of Macau and Hong Kong
  • Germany confirms 13th case
  • 2 suspected cases found in South Africa. Hooo Boy! If that gets going in Africa it will be on.
  • Dubai reports 3rd death outside China

TBS News reports that Japanese authorities have found another 42 people on the Diamond Princess cruise ship anchored in Yokohama have tested positive for Coronavirus.

Bear in mind that the average increase for all prior days was 17,159.

Of course, the number of cases and deaths is still increasing with 637 dead in China and 31,161 cases

We wonder if the almost nationwide lockdown and policy shift to remaining in your home unless “severely” ill was the factor behind the slowdown in people receiving medical attention? Or whether it is a miracle that no ‘expert’ saw coming… apart from The WHO who all along claimed the “extreme measures” by China were “breathtaking.”

Update (1615ET): A senior Chinese official has ordered Wuhan authorities to immediately round up all residents infected with the novel coronavirus and place them in isolation, quarantine camps, or designated hospitals, according to the New York Times.

Inside the exhibition center in Wuhan that now serves as a hospital.Credit…Chinatopix, via Associated Press

City investigators have also been ordered to go to each home and check the temperature of every resident, as well as conduct interviews with infected patients’ close contacts.

“Set up a 24-hour duty system. During these wartime conditions, there must be no deserters, or they will be nailed to the pillar of historical shame forever,” said Sun Chunlan, a vice premier in charge of leading the CCP’s response to the outbreak.

The city’s authorities have raced to meet these instructions by setting up makeshift mass quarantine shelters this week. But concerns are growing about whether the centers, which will house thousands of people in large spaces, will be able to provide even basic care to patients and protect against the risk of further infection. –NYT



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