What gun would you like to see imported for civilian sales?


I read this question this morning and thought it was a great topic. Whose imagination doesn’t kick off with wistful fantasies when asked that? What would you like to have? My tastes aren’t all that exotic so I can really say there are few I would really want.

The various Valmets are the only AK/ AK variants I have every really liked. The one I handled back in the 80s left and impression. Back in the days when things like this were still possible.

Unlike the overrated Galil, the Valmets really are the AK done right. I also wouldn’t mind getting some more Norinco AKs. I’d like to have a semi auto Type 56 to go with my Vietnam collection.

The other stuff I wish we could get is the Colt Canada rifles.

The Colt Canada 901 with monolithic upper is something I lust for.

Any and all of the above I would take.

I don’t won’t anything from HK or that British abortion. Same for the FAMAS. The Japanese Type 89 would be interesting. Not because4 I would use it but just to check it out.

What about you ? What foreign rifle do you wish you could buy?


  1. Biggest regret of my “gun life” was that I traded off my Valmet M76FS for what I thought would be the only Trijicon ACOG I’d ever be able to get my hands on. Did that right before the Bush ban, thinking “Oh, well, I’ll always be able to pick up another one, and I kinda don’t like the stock on this one…

    Yeah. Well, that was an error.

    Valmet somehow turned out a 5.56mm rifle with a shorter barrel that was exponentially more accurate than the M16. I took mine out on the qual range for a little “unofficial” hip-pocket training as a weapons familiarization deal for the unit, and at the end of the day, when it was just the guys running the range, I got to fire the qual course using my own ammo. I swear to God, I’ve never shot expert more easily than with that M76; that short stubby little barrel was a tack-driver. My buddy who was an actual graduate of the Marine Sniper course when he’d been a Marine took that little thing and was hitting things we both had problems managing with the M16. Took him and that rifle out to the civilian range later on, and he was ringing gongs out to 600-700m with it.

    I don’t know what “secret sauce” the Finns use on their weapons, but I’m here to tell you that everything they run through their system winds up accurized to the max potential possible. I used to think that the AK design was inherently inaccurate, but I have to tell you that idea is wrong, wrong, wrong. The Valmet rifles show what the design can do, and it’s an amazing thing.

    Only thing on the Valmet I don’t like are the ergos. Everything else? Superior to most of what else is out there. I’d be hard pressed to choose between an M4 and that M76, if it had modern rail/sight capability. Hell, I’d be happy to use that little bastard rifle just about anywhere, to be honest.

  2. I’d love to have the semi-auto version of a SIG 550. I just love the look of that rifle.

    They put out a commercial version a few years back called the SIG 551A1 but it wasn’t successful and you can barely find them now. I used to work in a gun store on weekends that had one. I used to pet it every time I worked. Even if I could find one that didn’t cost an arm and a leg now, replacement parts would be hard to get. But so cool to me.

  3. An SVDS Dragunov. Nothing special and NDM and Tigr rifles are still around but the S variant always thought was a snazzy looking shooter.

    Had read where true Russian SVDs could be imported through a third party wherein they would be waived of restrictions by some means. Something about them having had been imported over so many years. BS probably.

    • I got to handle a Dragunov back in 90 or 91 maybe? I didnt get to shoot it. The owner of the local gun store bought it for himself. Back then I think I recall he paid around 2500 for it

  4. I’d love to see you and Howard get your hands on an Owen gun, as there’s no way that I’d ever see one shot in Australia.

  5. I’m going to throw a wild card and say all those M1/M2 Carbines from South Korea that Obama refused to allow back in. Maybe Trump will rectify that wrong.

    But yes — Valmets, Colt Canada/Diemaco, South African Galils (R4-6), several of the Norinco rifles, the current banned Russian AKs, etc., would also be good to add to the list…


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