Top. Man. Old Bean, UK Edition


A bodyguard for David Cameron is being investigated after he reportedly left his gun in a toilet on a transatlantic flight.

I say old boy, Bad show. Bad show indeed.

The Daily Mail newspaper reported that the weapon found on a trans-Atlantic flight was handed to flight attendants. of course, who else would know what do with a firearm?

As a former prime minister, Mr Cameron is entitled to continued security provided by the Metropolitan Police.

I hope Mister Cameron feels warm and fuzzy when he is snuggled in bed at night with his cup of tea, knowing the quality of his protective detail.

The gun, believed to be a 9mm Glock 17 pistol, is said to have been left by a close-protection officer from the Met’s Specialist Protection unit. Speshul Protectin’ Yunit

The incident happened on board a British Airways flight #BA112 from New York JFK on 3 February. Mr Cameron’s passport – and that of the officer – were found with the weapon.

These people ruled most of the world at one point..

The Met said the officer involved has been removed from operational duties. That means he went back to his previous highly paid government job. Or maybe now he is just protecting prince Harry.


  1. “Found a Glock 17 in the loo”

    How come this stuff never happens to me?

    Also, if you can’t find a way to take a grunt without putting your pistol someplace, then you’re carrying it wrong. Get a good holster and then *leave it there*!


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