Heavy Weight .22 Long Rifle


The company Cutting Edge Bullets is developing heavy weight bullets for the ever popular .22LR. They report having a 30, 40 and 50gr bullet loads for the rimfire. Of course these will require faster twists rates for the barrels except for the 30 grain load.

Lilja Barrels has announced they will be doing a limited run of 1/9 twist barrels to work with these new bullets.

With these lengths we will be mainly looking at single shot bolt action rifles until a lot more detail gets worked out.


  1. Man how slot would that 50gr be going. can’t imagine you would be able to get it going very vast with that little case. still pretty neat though

    • yeah it would be pretty slow. Maybe they are testing some new powders to give it a little bit more velocity but who knows. I’m going to keep up on this though because i am really curious how they are going to pull this off

      • Since it will probably be sub-sonic now I’m picturing a suppressed .22 conversion on top of an A1 lower quietly hosing away. mmmm….. my kind of white noise right there.

  2. Aquila SSS is 60 grn so the concept is established. I’ll bet the long 50 grn jacketed spitzer requires roughly the same twist as the heavier lead round nose. Outside of suppressed stuff, I’m not sure what this gains you…doubt the jacket would upset at low velocity…maybe a accuracy thing?

  3. Perhaps an actual useful purpose for an AR conversion kit in a 1/7 twist upper? Other than just blasting for fun?
    Just a thought.

  4. Isn’t the standard .22LR load 40 gr? What am I missing?

    Also, I’d love to see a .22 magnum cartridge that has backward compatibility with .22LR.

    • It’s almost midnight here or I would get into it. Im about to go to bed or I would explain DG will probably see this and answer your question in detail before I get back to it in the morning

  5. Lilja has rimfire barrels in 1-9, 1-15, 1-16 and 1-17 twists. The 1-9 barrel is available in three-groove only according to Dan’s website.

    NB: People need to remember that .22 rimfire bullets are about 0.003″ smaller in diameter than .22 centerfire bullets (0.224″). Lilja’s “tight” rimfire barrels are 0.2200. Normally, they’re 0.2215″.

    The improvement in rimfire performance can be seen with the .17 HMR round. By going to modern spitzer bullets in a rimfire, the performance of the .22 WMR was dramatically increased.

    I’d like to see similar bullets be made available for .22 LR – jacketed, V-max type bullets.

    But these solid copper pills are a start.

  6. I have the CMMG .22LR Conversion Kit in one of my ARs and it has a 5.56 NATO 1:7 twist barrel, but I don’t think any of those cartridges will fit ANY .22 magazine. I’m not even sure they would work in my single shot .22 Rifle from 1966 which takes Short, Long and Long Rifle ammo. I’m guessing it is a 1:16 twist.
    @ Dyspeptic. I just measured my Winchester M-22 Long Rifle ammo and the bullet is .224″. That’s why they work in AR barrels.

  7. .22 rimfire barrels do run smaller than .22 centerfire. I’ve measured quite a few when rebarrelling my old single shots. They vary a lot, too. I’ve found some as small as .217 (land-to-land), even though they’re supposed to be .219. Marlin microgroove run as big as .221 sometimes.

    But .22 rimfire BULLETS are .224 to as much as .226, (Thunderduds, wouldn’t you know it. No wonder “sporting” .22 chambers are so large!)


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