Wuhan Strain Updates 2/4/2020


I ‘m back with the new numbers and news for the Kung Flu.

Updated at 900PM EST

  • Confirmed deaths: 490
  • Confirmed cases on mainland: 24,324; additional 172 in ROW
  • 185,555 cases under medical observation
  • Chinese authorities have enforced full community lockdown in Nanjing Province
  • American Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Jetstar close routes to China
  • Taiwan tightens travel restrictions
  • WHO infectious hazard chief says outbreak ‘not a pandemic’
  • Japan confirms at least 10 cases of coronavirus aboard “Diamond Princess”
  • Kudlow says impact on US economy from outbreak will be ‘limited’

More than 5,000 health care workers walked off the job on Tuesday, worsening what’s becoming a serious public health crisis, as they pressure the city government to close all borders with the mainland. Health officials warned that newborns and the elderly are still at risk.

Back in Wuhan, the entire city remains on lockdown, with streets eerily empty aside from a handful of pedestrians. The New York Times just published a video of sweeping drone footage of the city, which is the epicenter of the virus and by far the hardest hit.

Update (1845ET): At least 10 cases of coronavirus have been discovered aboard the Carnival Japan cruise ship “the Diamond Princess”, which has been quarantined at Japan’s Yokohama port since yesterday after officials learned that a passenger who recently disembarked tested positive for the virus in Hong Kong

The latest data release from China’s Hubei Province shows yet another huge surge in cases and deaths.

  • 3156 new pneumonia cases of new coronavirus infection were added in Hubei Province (making a total of 16,678 in Hubei).
  • There were 65 new deaths in the province, making a total of 479.
  • 66,764 people are still undergoing medical observation.

In a stunning announcement by officials in Nanjing Province, authorities have unveiled what amounts to full martial law and furthermore, taking enforcement of reporting the sick extremely seriously:

“Nanjing issued a notice to further strengthen community management during epidemic prevention and control: fully implemented community closed management, all people entering and leaving the community must wear masks. Strict inspection and registration of vehicle personnel in the community.

Strengthen community environmental governance and management of rental housing. If an outbreak occurs in a rented house without a timely report, the leasing unit or individual of the house will be held accountable according to law.”

Nanjing is home to 8.35 million people – this has to be the largest enforcement of martial law in history.

one outspoken China expert is saying that the number represents a false estimate fabricated by a country notorious for secrecy and censorship.

Gordon Chang, who authored the book “The Coming Collapse of China”, explained on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” last night that “local Chinese authorities have just lost the ability to pick up corpses due to a breakdown in government.”

“So really what we are having right now is, they are completely overwhelmed,” Chang added.

They are not able to keep accurate statistics. So what we are witnessing is essentially a breakdown in government and keeping accurate statistics is a very minor part of their priorities right now.

Multiple witnesses and leaked video’s show heavily “overwhelmed” authorities making threats against people “spreading rumors” or showing the chaotic handling of the situation at ground zero.

Chang said that while he understands the preventative measure, he believes the quarantine has “made the problem worse.”

“I can understand why they want to quarantine but remember, the Wuhan mayor said about 5 million people from his city left before the quarantine was imposed,” he said.

“Also right now the quarantine has aggravated a problem and that is [that] people can’t get to hospitals, so they are at home…they are dying.”

“They are infecting other people in their households because they are not, in a sense, quarantined from wives, husbands, brothers, sisters,” he continued.

“The quarantine has made the problem worse. It’s also created panic. That panic has had consequences on, for instance, social cohesion which is absolutely necessary if you want to beat an epidemic.”

“It’s not just Wuhan,” he said. “Many Virologists think that

Wuhan will be duplicated in cities like Shanghai, maybe even Beijing. Clearly there is fear everywhere throughout China right now.”

“This is only going to get worse,” Chang concluded, adding the virus will likely not be contained until “April or May.”

Apparently confirming Chang’s warning, The Daily Mail reports a Wuhan medic has said there are more deaths from coronavirus than reported, as patients are dying before they can even be tested for the virus.

Hospital worker Jeisi Luo, not his real name, also made the shocking claim that there are far more cases than official figures suggest, because the waiting list for diagnosis is too long.



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