Vintage Match Ammo


Above is a picture of a very old box or Remington factory match ammo meant to used in the Palma matches. At the time the match was shot using the .30.06 round. Today the .308 Winchester is used with ammo firing the 155 grain palma bullet shot from 300 to 1,000 yards with iron sights, or the 556MM using 80 gr bullets.

The 80 gr bullet from a 556 is a good combo for long range shooting. I never had very good results using the 155 Palma match bullets in a 308 myself. I prefer the 175 to 185 grain bullet in 308 for shooting to 1,000 yards.

Below is another couple of boxes of factory Remington match ammo, This made up for the Army marksmanship Unit for various competitions.


  1. Is a “taper heel” a legacy term for a boat tail or is it some different design like a radiused, rebated boat tail? I’m assuming the “TH” on the Remmy/AMU ammo is the same thing.

    I made a little display for the shop of the boxes of military match ammo I’d shot over the years; 118, 852, etc. I thought it was interesting showing the transition going from the white box, National Match labeled stuff through to the plain craft boxes.
    Have an ammo can marked for late production M72 in Garand clips. Neat piece of history so I bought it. Always good to have a can around for tools and stuff.
    The match ammo stuff always interests me though. Lake City and Frankford Arsenal used to even package up just the 173gr M72/M118 tips and distribute across the services’ rifle teams for reloading. I’m sure that practice is long done.


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