Hate Mail (Part 2)


The panty twisting continues to be impressive over me daring to mention I don’t worship at the alter of $2.99 AR15s made in SC. Another first time commenter decided to chime in and give me a lesson on how my opinion is wrong after giving his/her/xer opinion.

From Casey

Wow! ( WOW!) If we were all the same we would have problems finding our vehicles in the parking lot. Opinions are just a persons view point. (Thank you for pointing that out, we wouldn’t have know otherwise, Casey) My firearm purchases have been in relation to my income over the years. I’ve had lower quality firearms that were dependable ( HighPoint Model 995) and some that I realized quickly to get rid of. Most of my firearms are mid priced (500?) Ruger, Remington, Mossberg, Colt, Rossi, Kel Tec, Springfield, FN, et.., Notice the Kel Tec? Lower quality some say but it pops every time I pull the trigger.( congrats. good for you we are glad you have had good experiences with them) I cannot afford a 2k rifle nor if I could would I want to. ( I will Paypal any of these people 10 yankee dollars if they can find any where on this website where we said you have to buy a 2K rifle and that was the only option. I am so sick of this bullshit line, I have no idea where it’s coming from except maybe some one said it and now all the big brains repeat it.) You need to get what works dependably all the time. Your life may depend on that firearm. Quit being pissy…..just opinions. “

“Quit being pissy”. .. Just opinions” The. Irony. This reads like a tweet from a left winger. ” You’re on the wrong side of history. Shawn” ” not a good look, yikes..” “O.M.G. I am literally shaking and crying”

Another first time commenter of course. Never interacted with us in 8 years till now. And won’t be back most likely . My gut feeling is some one shared something on facebook and it got fans of certain rifles panty twisted and they couldn’t resist giving their two cents. To “tell us off” and school us on gun buyin.’ I say this because anyone that has read the website for any amount of time would know better and know exactly the reaction they would get from me. Never mind it is our website. One that offers massive amounts of free content for anyone who wants to read it and we will damn well say what we want on any topic we want to blather on about.


  1. i love yer blather…

    so far, you present real data, and your opinions matter to me, because i am like Casey, in that i can’t justify “2000$ rifles”… and i am like Shawn, in that my opinions are based on my own experience, not on fb rants.

  2. haters, trolls, armchair experts, ranting retards, playground fights, stupid shout-outs, fanboi flamewars, ad-hominem attacks, immature and childish behaviour, unbearable nonsense from aspie types and the 50% left of the bell curve…

    took my gunblog down after spending more time to moderate or even censor comments (no 1st here, full legal responsibility…) than producing content, even with rather modest popularity.

    therefore great respect for looserounds owners, writers and commenters.

    always admired hognose for _not_ having to moderate (iirc he only permabanned once after two warnings), probably his inimitable style.

    anyways, carry on regardless, suffer the fools and thank you all.

  3. The “$2,000 AR” is an example of the Poors’ Equation:

    Let X equal the cost of any item functioning at the absolute minimum required specs.

    Let Y be anything costing more and functioning above the absolute minimum required specs.

    Aggressively and vociferously assume that Y = X multiplied by 10.

  4. You’re going to have to do an article criticizing everyone’s favorites now. PSA, M14, Glocks, 1911s, HKs, the whole bag. Haha.
    The flame war will go nuclear

  5. Hmmmm….,use what works for you,SC inexpensive rifles have worked well for many folks,you don’t like em,don’t buy em,got to love having choices(at the moment).

    • most anything works well when you only shoot about 100 rounds a month through it tops. The thing no one seems to talk about is that the people who have them and talk about how great they work are also mostly the same people that dont have enough extra money to shoot them enough to know if they really hold up or not. either way I don’t care. people can buy what they want and I am gonna say whatever the fuck I want about those guns

      • I would say anything will wear with a lot of use,why we have spare barrels/bolt carrier groups and related parts.The ones I have either used and or know folks with by now have averaged a few 1000 rounds minmum(some many more) and still working fine.I will say these units from the past a bit when FN was supplying their barrels and believe toolcraft doing their bcg’s.I will say they see on averga about 300 rounds a month,that said, a lot of other firearms practiced with at same time so the round count is higher.I would also say consider Bravo(whose stuff I like) a mid level product cost wise,high end quality wise.

      • Agree with James, Shawn. I really think you’re stuck on circa 2012 to 2014 PSA, which is no longer reflective of their current offerings.

        All carbon steel barrels I’ve seen lately are 4150 CMV (some folks have said they’ve seen 4140 CMV, but uncertain on that one) and I think all are made by FN (Mr GunsNGear recently did a very positive accuracy test), Aero is making their upper and lowers, and toolcraft is making their BCGs.

        Their AKs also appear to be of better quality than Century’s.

        Point being, PSA is paying a lot of attention to materials specs that matter to consumers and the forums, and I think they’re making legitimate attempts to put out higher quality products while keeping the price roughly the same.

        Order an upper or two and put them through their paces and let us know what you find!


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