China Lake Pump Action 40MM Grenade Launcher


The China Lake was designed in response to the United States Navy SEALs wanting more firepower for their grenade launchers, for their m79 and xm148 launchers could only hold one shot while the experimental T148 grenade launcher, while it did provide additional firepower, proved to be unreliable. In response to this, the China Lake branch of the Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS) took to designing a new launcher for this purpose.

Taking inspiration from various sporting guns, NAWS designer Alfred Kermode came up with a new prototype based on these shotguns; a toolroom prototype was quickly built and tested, with the weapon considered acceptable and a small batch produced shortly after. While quite large, the China Lake was well-received by those who had the opportunity to use the unique weapon system. Some 50 receivers are known to have been produced.

As the weapon was never officially adopted as it was designed on an ad hoc basis, the weapon has no official designation; instead, the name of the weapon was created by the SEALs referencing the manufacturer of the launcher, the China Lake facility of NAWS. Purportedly, three launchers remain with the United States Navy, with the rest demilitarized.”

The China Lake Grenade Launcher was also tested and used by Us Army SOG Green Berets. The weapons is reported to be pretty awkward in operation and prone to malfunction.


Manually operated


34.4 inches (87 centimetres)

Barrel length

14.5 inches (37 centimetres)


10.21 pounds (4.63 kilograms)

Weight empty

8.2 pounds (3.7 kilograms)


4-round tube magazine


350 metres (380 yards) – 400 meters ( 440 yards)


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