Wuhan Strain Update 2/3/2020


The latest news and numbers from the Chicoms.

  • Hong Kong closes more land borders with mainland
  • Virus death toll rises to 425 in China (426 if we count one death abroad)
  • 2 more cases reported in Germany
  • President Xi threatens to punish local authorities if they fail to contain virus

According to Chinese health authorities, 2,345 were confirmed on Monday, while another 64 died (including 48 in Wuhan alone).

Hubei Province is now reporting 13,522 cases of coronavirus infection (including 6384 in Wuhan), while 58,544 are under observation across China. 46 new deaths were reported overnight, bringing the death toll in China to at least 425.

For those who are keeping score at home, that’s a 18% rise in deaths overnight.

Another terrifying video shows a man collapsing in a virus-induced fit.

Terrifying. Surveillance video catching the moment of man collapsing maybe dying in less than a minute during #CoronavirusOutbreak . No wonder so many fell on streets. 不到一分鐘就過去了。怪不得那麼多倒地斃的。#武漢肺炎 pic.twitter.com/5jjE1GnfT2 — 曾錚 Jennifer Zeng (@jenniferatntd) February 3, 2020

But you can’t see the linked video because it has already been Stalin’ed off the web. Scrubbed cleaner than a Hubei hospital bedpan

Meanwhile, President Xi is cracking the whip. According to the SCMP, at a meeting of the Politburo Standing Committee, President Xi Jinping said local cadres would be punished severely if they failed to heed Beijing’s orders to stop the virus from spreading.

“[We] must treat the fight of the outbreak as the most important task at hand.”

Punishments of local officials has already started; more than 400 have already been ‘penalized’, ( 9x18mm round behind the ear)according to Nikkei. Meanwhile, the party has acknowledged that it shouldn’t have arrested a group of doctors in December for allegedly spreading ‘disinformation’ (they were trying to warn the world of the outbreak – yet the WHO has praised China for being ‘transparent’). Natch, China donates a huge percent of money to the WHO.

Everything is under control.

Unrelated announcement, Looserounds.com is now having a “Best Original Death Haiku” contest for those of you in certain areas of the country.



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