OI mate, in good ol England, the gun laws keep mass casualty events to zero. I know this because barack the benevolent told me these things only happen in the evil USA.

A machete-wielding man was shot dead by police in south London Sunday after injuring three people in a stabbing spree that officials are calling a “terrorist-related” attack.

Maybe he was just angry because he couldn’t find a knife disposal bin.

The circumstances are being assessed,” London’s Metropolitan Police said in a statement. “The incident has been declared as terrorist-related.”

“I saw a man with a machete and silver canisters on his chest being chased by what I assume was an undercover police officer — as they were in civilian clothing,” Gulled Bulhan, a 19-year-old student told Britain’s Press Association. “The man was then shot. I think I heard three gunshots but I can’t quite remember.”

Police said one of the victims is being treated for life-threatening injuries, while the other two suffered less severe injuries.

One witness, a nurse, told the South London Press that “a man just went into a shop and took a knife and started stabbing people.”

“The shopkeeper tried to get the knife away from him but he got away and stabbed a woman on a bicycle. The knife was really big,” she said. “I saw three people injured — one of them might have been the attacker.”

Another witness told the outlet that one victim, a man, was stabbed in the stomach and a second, a woman, was stabbed in the back.

“The woman was saying, ‘He stabbed me,’” the witness said. “The man was in a bad way. People were screaming, ‘stay with us.’ It was a big wound.”

“The police arrived and we heard, ‘bang, bang, bang.’ I saw the attacker lying down face down outside Iceland (food store.)”

Good thing none of them had guns to defend themselves or the terrorist may have gotten hurt by someone not one of the Queen’s men. We can’t have that.

BONUS! From India

In a horrifying incident, a man on Saturday decapitated his wife and walked with her severed head for almost one and half kilometres before he was arrested. Police identified the accused as Akhikesh Rawat (30) of Bahadurpur village. They said that Rawat was married almost two years ago and had a daughter, who had died due to illness.

On Saturday afternoon, Rawat had a quarrel with his wife Rajani (25). He dragged his wife out of his house, and killed her using a sharp-edged weapon.

He just wanted some head.

After killing her, he took the severed head and started walking towards Jahangirabad police station,” a police official said. And he got it..

According to the police, he walked for almost one and half kilometres, and was moving towards Jahangirabad police station when he was arrested near Kadirpur village. Upon seeing the man and his wife, police said “I thought she was taller”

“The case will be thoroughly probed,” Superintendent of Police Arvind Chaturvedi said. 

I’m sure it will.


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