Rebel .22 From POF


It’s looking to be a big year for .22 rimfire. POF has even gotten into the 22 game with the rebel .22. The new gun is an AR but it uses the same magazine as the Ruger 10/22. So that means all the after market extended hi capacity banana bullet clips that you can buy for the 10/22 should theoretically work in it.

22 LR just got better, and more fun.

Get ready for the most fun you’ve had with a .22LR.  Brand new for 2020 we bring you the Rebel. To say that we are extra excited about this one would be an understatement. We have yet to have someone shoot the Rebel and not walk away with big smiles.

Our love of shooting, training, and prepping future shooters were the driving factors of development. We had to bring a quality to this platform which hasn’t been seen before. Aside from its light weight, the Rebel is equipped with a Mission First Tactical arm brace and threaded barrel with thread protector.  The receiver accepts AR-15 pattern stock and brace options, and the trigger and selector are also compatible with AR-15 options.


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