I love to see a professional at work


I feel so safe in my bed at night knowing the best in the world is out there protecting me.


  1. Well fuck me. I hope these hapless fools don’t ever plan on getting into a gunfight with some Russians. Or Chinese. Or even some damn Muslim goat molesters. Pitiful.

  2. Posed shot, many years old. When that went up the first time around, I heard the backstory to it, and I think it was that it was a familiarization range for trainees of some sort, and I want to say it was set up as a photo op by someone who knew nothing about the weapon.

    It’s pretty common–Get the PAO flack sent out to the range, and they’ll just wander around taking pictures, and setting up photos with the most photogenic random person they can find.

    I about to lost my sh*t one time on a PAO when I had Range Control and the CSM for our next higher echelon show up to “inspect” my range operations. PAO got there just before the Range Control guy showed up, who was literally getting out of his truck as the CSM arrived. I’m going “Oh, f**k me…”, mostly because I’d just sent up the first firing order after going hot with the range. Cue half-hour of answering stupid questions about why I set the range up the way I did, and having to pull out my range book and show them that, yes, the f**king new manual did say to do things that way…

    Midway through, we’re walking around looking at things, and the question is asked “Where’s your aid station and medic…?”. Now, since this was the MK-19, that was kinda important, especially since we were doing live round HEDP, not just the usual TP rounds. I’m like “She’s right… Over… There… ?”, pointing to where my medic manifestly was not manning her ambulance as I’d instructed. Back door was open, my non-medic driver was there (shortage of medics, see…) and his ugly ass was definitely and clearly not a medic, ‘cos he was not wearing the requisite red cross brassard as required.

    Cue up questions, and it turned out that the PAO asshole had used their rank to swipe my medic and set up a bunch of “photo opportunities” with her. She was pretty photogenic, so I could kind of understand that, but… Oh, holy crap did I lose my sh*t on that broad with the camera. It was bad enough that the CSM, who had a reputation for being a complete and utter asshole himself, was kinda standing there in shock, making mental notes for future use, as I spent about ten minutes spewing invective and throwing that PAO off my damn range, because she’d moved the medic I had to have on site over to the pre-training area to take pictures, and since that wasn’t on the range proper, I had to call “cease fire”, and shut the f**king range down until I got her back to the ambulance.

    I understand that the guy running the PAO shop was incensed that his Staff Sergeant and her photographer had gotten cursed at and thrown off the range. Mistake he made was calling my CSM to complain about it, and since he’d been a witness to it all, well… Yeah. Didn’t go the way the PAO thought it would. At. All.

    My CSM at the the time there was a guy who you could walk into any agency there on post, after having been denied something by them, tell them sweetly that “Hey, you do know who I work for, right? And, who I’m gonna have to go back and tell that you didn’t want to help me…????”, and then gain instant and fervent cooperation. He’d been known to get DA civilians fired for not doing their jobs, and all the other CSMs on post were more than a little scared of him. Hell, even the SOCOM guys who were usually immune to “Big Army” bullsh*t were wary of him–Dude had connections, his anger management issues had little anger management issues all their own, and he was generally regarded as somewhat akin to a really dangerous troll that we kept on a leash back at the unit. “Hey, nice office ya got here… Be a shame if I had to draw my CSM’s attention to it… You like your job? Want to keep it? Yeah, that’s right… Stamp that requisition, and I won’t mention your name to him…”.

    So, yeah… That PAO thing didn’t go down well with him. Commander’s secretary later told me he’d lost his sh*t over the phone, and then told that Captain that he could report to our Commander at our Commander’s convenience, whereupon there would be a continuation of the conversation in regards to his PAO team shutting down our range through rampant stupidity. That was a learning experience for that Captain, I imagine…


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