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It’s a strange thing. All of my life I have heard people gripe and complain bout the slick gun rags on the racks at the local Piggly Wiggly and how the writers in them never give an honest review or their honest opinion. “they never tested a gun they didn’t love”, “Then two pages over is a two page advertisement spread!” How many times have you heard that or read that on forums? A million times I’m sure. I’d bet you have heard, read or said some version of that yourself.

Once Howard and Myself started this website we said we would be completely 100 percent honest in our opinions. Our. Opinions. No matter how unpopular they end up being. We also said we would not recommend something we didn’t have confidence in. It didn’t take long to see that a lot of people don’t want your honest opinion though. Especially if it doesn’t jive with their own emotional attachment to their favorite product. Nope, Then they get mad as hell at you and tell you how your opinion is stupid and you’re ugly and no one cares what you say and no one has heard of you anyways and your dog even knows how dumb you are. Followed by the inevitable proclamation that they will never read your website again because grown men can’t have a different opinion.

With that in mind, let’s look at some hate mail today over me not thinking PSA is the greatest thing to ever happen to the history of the universe.

first up we have one from xtphreak

Elitist, much?
For the working class buyer, PSA produces reliable, reasonably priced MSRs.

Just a question, if a PSA is proven reliable (doesn’t jam, FTF, or otherwise not run and run) and shoots within mil-spec accuracy or better, exactly what does a $2000 MSR offer?
Besides bragging rights?
Having and shooting some of both, I’ll just say you lost a reader.


Let’s ignore the strawman. I have never said that you have to have a $2,000 dollar rifle. I have never paid over about 900 for a base 556mm AR15. He may be confusing me with Howard. He is the elitist that owns Larue and KAC guns.

When I was in my early 20s I was between jobs and needed some new tires for my Jeep Wrangler really bad. I started a new job but still didn’t quite have enough yet for the tires I wanted. The local tire shop guy showed me these awesome looking tires that he swore were as good as michelin tires. They were wide with an aggressive looking off road tread. And they cost about 40 bucks each. I can’t describe how cool they looked. He showed me all kinds of brochures about them and all their specs and guarantees of quality. I drove about 4 miles to and from work a day and they seemed great for a few months Then I had to make a few trips that lasted a couple hundred miles one way.

Those tires were decidedly not “just as good as..” And it wasn’t a fluke. Replacements held up about as well.

Before that I worked at a pawn shop chain /gun store that sold watches. The owner got some watch brand or another that was supposed to be made from the same tooling and factory as some other much more expensive watch brand but was of course a fraction of the price though it looked nearly identical except for the brand name. One of my co workers bought one instead of the higher end watches it was copying. Guess what? The bezel and cover popped off one day for no reason while he was standing beside me talking. A replacement just decided to stop working one day. But I admit they looked snazzy when they were just sitting int he display case not being moved or wound.

Stories unrelated. I digress.

Next up is this bit of feedback from Koby

Wow dude your a dick. Guilty.

Way to not only be a brand snob, but then avoid his legitimate question.

Not liking PSA. makes me a brand snob? Ok I guess. I didn’t answer his question because he said he was never coming back . Besides that I don’t owe him an explanation for my opinion.

You are a fraud. A true second amendment supporter would see that psa is arming people who wouldn’t otherwise be armed and there is nothing wrong with that. The more guns the better. But no your far to high and mighty to see it like that.

“I don’t like your opinion on a gun company that I buy stuff from so that means you are a fraud and meanie that hates freedom”

I also don’t like Pepsi, Chevy or football. Guess I am a equal to Joe Stalin.

Guess I won’t read here any further either. Better find the pieces of your shattered life so you can continue to be overly dramatic on a low traffic obscure internet blog

I doubt you read or planned on reading anything here besides the article you commented on anyway. I’d bet you saw it linked to on some gun forum or social media were some one else was asshurt and you came to comment because you are equally asshurt that I dared not reinforce your emotional attachment to a gun company that cuts corners and in my opinion, exploits its customers.

Obscure and low traffic? Oh I’m not so sure about that. Here are the numbers so far this year using the most aggressive filter we have access to.

A quick googles search shows us to be the second listing with most below us referring to us.

This is an opinion website. We give our opinion when it comes to reviews and products. If you don’t agree that’s fine. We have never said you had to. If you don’t like those opinions then I don’t know what to tell you other than “see ya.” The content is free for everyone to read so no one here owes you an answer for anything. I certainly don’t owe an answer to people who have never commented or interacted with us in any way except to pop up and tell us how mean we are and how they are never reading again.

Other than the Old M14 Boys Club and a few people who don’t understand that some people have different opinions, we have the best commenters and comment section on the internet in my opinion and we love having you guys.


  1. I grabbed a PSA lower once because it was cheap and I hadn’t heard anything negative about them. (they were still fairly new at the time) It’s ok. One of the roll pin holes was undersized so it was a bit of a frustration getting that one in. That seems to have been the only problem luckily. But then again I wasn’t expecting high quality anyways. Not sure why people get so wrapped up in them.

    • So, meh…. then again you can make a lower out of a 2×4 so not exactly a high bar. I think of the M14 like a classic Cadillac. They’re nice drivers (shooters) but would you want to take one on a road trip? or out in the rain/bad weather? Not so much.
      I love mine but it wouldn’t be the first thing I reached for.

  2. Great post and insight to the nonsense that you guys deal with.

    Let the kids go cry innthe corner. Their temper tantrum will pass eventually.

  3. As I am a single person my sample size is one so largely worthless as a representative sample.

    I want to hear opinions, whether they’re similar to mine or not, backed up by knowledge and experience. Coming from a family of horse traders my BS meter is decently tuned and still it would be impossible for me to know everything and foolish of me not to listen to others. If your opinions differ from mine thats cool I wanna hear em and I respect the heck outta this site because you’ve almost always provided the whys to your thoughts.

    The only opinion thats incorrect is that 10MM isn’t the best pistol caliber ever.

    • I have no idea what you are talking about, I have always said the 10MM is the best handgun caliber. you must be talking about that degenerate Howard and his 9mm love

  4. To hell with those childish arseholes. This is a place for men. I like it here, even if revolvers don’t get the love they deserve. 🙂

    • I am working on more wheel gun stuff for you guys. one of the new pythons should show up in a few weeks. I already requested one from colt and was approved, just waiting on them to finish up with the various industry shows and get back in the office to send it off.

      • Shawn,

        I’d like you to do at least a pull-off of the grips and take some photos inside so I can see the lockwork. They claim to have “reduced the number of parts,” which I find a real head-scratcher, because the original Colt E&I/etc revolver action had fewer parts than most modern revolvers, thanks to the finicky rebound lever.


  5. Hell, I own PSAs and sell Anderson. I know they are a crap shoot reliability wise. That’s why I don’t use them for serious applications.

    But Jeebus, do some guys get wrapped up in their just as good non sense.

  6. I don’t understand the “my AR parts are better than your AR parts!” BS in the market today. I really don’t. Really, really I don’t. This, BTW, is part of why I don’t work on AR’s. I just cannot devote enough time to keep up with the claims of who has the most recent hot accessory or part for an AR.

    From my perspective, the quality of all AR’s is “meh.” In my opinion, once you start using aluminum on a gun, you’ve consigned yourself to the lower echelon of gun quality. Doesn’t matter if we’re talking a Browning BLR, Remington 870, a Beretta A390, or an AR-15. Once you cross that rubicon, you’ve given up a lot of claim to quality from my perspective of a guy who likes to work on quality guns. Quality means steel, and good steel at that. One of the biggest bitches by Winchester fans about the post-64 Model 70’s was the aluminum bottom metal (magazine and trigger guard group) instead of the old blued steel. Aluminum has a place in my life: to hold my beer in an airtight, light-proof container. That’s what aluminum is good for. And it does an excellent job in that application.

    See, from my perspective of seeing a wide, wide range of quality on the inside of guns, especially shotguns, and being able to show you what “quality” really means on a higher-priced firearm, most AR’s are just “meh” with widely differing prices and ad campaigns. OK, some have these little issues here and there. Most of these are easily corrected. I mean, there are companies making AR lowers out of plastic, fer chrissakes. They all work, or they do after I’ve given them a little TLC.

    This goes back to my epic rant that you guys turned into an article about the use of ‘mil-spec as a marketing tool.’

    As for the M-14 thing: Different strokes for different folks. My M1A shoots quite nicely, and works flawlessly. Then again, so do my AR-10-ish rifles. They both weigh about the same, so… feh. OK, it’s easier to mount optics on the AR-10 pattern rifles. I’ll give it that. If someone really hates a M1A/M14 that much, being the generous old man I am, and being filled with the milk of Christian charity as I am, I will take quality examples of such poorly-loved rifles off of people’s hands for $300 each (ie, no ChiCom clones). Heck, I’ll even do the same for Garands and Colt 1911’s of pre-WWII production. See how generous and caring I am?

    It’s the least I can do to make societal compensation for my pale, toxic masculinity.

    • I know what you’re saying and God knows I love my classic vintage guns. You know Im a big vintage varmint and target rifle guy and all that. let me say a few things on the “parts is parts” thing with ARs. As you know, the AR is a fighting gun and part of it is its supposed to be a lego that you can swap and change and replace things on easy, meant for hard use to be used up. Now, the parts may seem to be the same and look like shit compared to the inside of a L C Smith double barrel. but there is a difference. One of the big things with the PSA compared to the guns that looks the same but cost more from other older companies isn’t just the quality of the machining, there are some differences. The 4150 compared to cheaper 4140 for instance. The big difference people like our three asshurt pals is this. The time and expense of testing that went into those parts. PSA can shit out a zillion lowers or bolt carrier groups a day but they don’t have the same testing and retesting for standard that companies like Colt or KAC or DD or BCM do. As you know, that costs money, They have to pay to have these things done, They have to destroy some guns to tests batches. PSA will jsut sent you another gun and bask in the positive PR of some guy online braggin g about what great customer service they have even though they entire gun only cost $2.99! aren’t they swell?
      Now the M14. it is what it is, can they be made to shoot good, sure. But this site and most of us primarily weigh guns against their value as modern fighting guns unless we are writing about it from the perspective of its time period or its interest as a historical piece. We can all agree that it’s possible to see something as having value for one thing but not another. The M14 is a beautiful looking gun with a certain classic romance for a lot of people who enjoy shooting it. Hell, I’d rather shoot the M14 over a G3 or a FAL if Im prone with a slinging smacking steel at 300 yards. As a gun for taking into a fight. no. it is not easily adaptable for modern optics, lights, lasers etc, its safety just doesnt pass muster for our modern views on where a safety should be. it’s stock is not great for modern techniques and its a pain to keep it up at its peak for any decent amount of time if you are suing it really hard, Like in fighting.
      Like I said in my original article years ago, is it useless? no. Can you use it and enjoy it? absolutely. Is it fun to crap on it to get the Old M14 Boys club rankled ? damn right lol

      • Ah, but you see, what I call “the specmanship” in the AR parts market is what amuses me as not only a gunsmith, but also as a engineer.

        Taking off my gunsmith hat and putting on the engineer hat (where I’m supposed to deliver a good product at a price on a schedule), the AR is a wonder of modern late-20th century American manufacturing. Compared to the M14, the Armalite rifles delivered a huge bang for the bucks spent making them. Stoner was an aero engineer, and he knew aluminum and NC machining. So the AR-pattern rifles reflect that.

        The Russians had the same problem space that Stoner did, and they took a different route: stamped & spot-welded sheet metal. They were making a gun to a price/schedule/spec, and they hit it. The AK is so successful, that it became a tool of foreign destabilization and communist expansion on the cheap. The stamped sheet metal receiver (when they finally got that right) is low in cost, yet meets the requirements very well.

        Now, let’s talk about the requirements vs. the materials. When I see endless nattering on AR discussions over things like “what steel is being used in the BCG?” and “which barrel steel?” and so on, this is where I start to chuckle.

        There’s nothing wrong with 4140 for barrel steel. Or receivers. You can change the strength of 4140 steel rather dramatically with different heat treatment protocols. BCG’s – you can use 9130 steel. You could probably use 8620 steel. You could probably use tool steel like S7 if you heat treat it correctly. You could also use 4140, again with tight specification of the heat treatment and stress relief. I see people raving or ranting about Carpenter 158 steel in BCG’s – but most people couldn’t tell me either a) what is the metallurgy of C-158 is, b) nor how it is heat-treated, or c) what the failure modes of BCG’s are (eg, do they shatter/crack/peen/etc) and how does C-158 address this?

        AR receivers? They tend to use 7075 aluminum. It’s stronger than 6061 (Dural) type aluminums, but 7075 doesn’t weld worth a damn; if you break an AR receiver, you need to get a new one. There’s no repairing it by TIG welding. Oh, it will look like a nice weld, but it will break out.

        I see lots of discussion on various boards about the materials used in guns today. I see endless ranting about MIM (without understanding that the blades in the jet engines just outside your window on a modern aircraft are often MIM’ed, and if they failed they might come through the cabin wall at pistol-like velocities), or about cast vs. forged (while completely ignoring Ruger’s success in cast guns that are so damn strong, several reloading manuals have loads called out as “for Ruger revolvers only” or something similar, etc etc.

        This endless nattering among non-engineers about various materials is somewhat amusing, because when we look back at the military guns in the US since the advent of smokeless powder, we see: The 1903 (far simpler alloys, and guns last for the ages), the Garand (made with a “War Department” steel spec very much like 8620, and having a more complicated heat treatment protocol, lasting for the ages, the M14 which uses 8620 and a rather complicated heat treatment protocol with specs of case hardening to a specific depth (esp. in the bolt) and it will last for the ages and so on. The barrels are cho-moly steel – 4140 or the War Department equivalent. These guns will last a long, long time. If something goes wrong on them, you can repair them them from the ground up and re-machine them. Hell, there are Garands out there where they used a gas axe to cut the receiver into two pieces – and people welded them back up, frustrating the hell out of gun banners like Metzenbaum.

        With the AR, no one thinks about those issues of “how many times can we rebuild this rifle? How many times can we tear it apart and re-assemble it?” and “can we fix it by rewelding up the problem and re-machining the feature?” Too many people think that aluminum will wear forever, because it doesn’t rust. (truth is, aluminum can corrode quite nicely, BTW, but let’s put that aside for right now…) Aluminum has a very different wear potential – that of work hardening and cracking out.

        Those aluminum receivers will not allow these guns to be “guns for the ages.” Once the pins/etc start to waller out… once you torque down the castellated nut holding on the barrel enough times… those aluminum receivers will start to have a problem.

        There are consequences to choosing modern manufacturing methods and materials. Regardless of how “high quality” the parts you’re buying for an AR are, you should plan on buying kits of spare parts. If there comes a time when these guns get used hard, you’ll need them, because you won’t be able to use classic ‘smithing techniques to fix some of those wear issues.

      • PSA barrels are pretty much all 4150 CMV these days.

        Picking the M14 over the FAL is heresy.

        I think y’all are stuck on PSA circa 2012 or so versus where they are today, which is a higher quality point than where they were.


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