‘Guaranteed Hit’ Infantry Rifle System…


Oh boy you know this is gonna be a good one.

AN ADVANCED rifle that only fires when it’s guaranteed to hit its target is being pondered by the US military.

The weapon uses clever AI software to identify targets and will only fire when the trigger is squeezed with a confirmed enemy in its sights.

Dubbed “Smash”, the system is being developed by Israeli company Smart Shooter and German weapons manufacturer Sig Sauer.

If all goes to plan it could enter service as soon as 2023, according to Military.com.

Smash “allows you to acquire, lock on and engage targets” using a weapon-mounted scope, Smart Shooter’s Devin Schweiss told the website.

The system “allows the weapon to fire only when it’s a guaranteed hit,” he added.

Demonstration of the SMASH fire control system.
Devin Schweiss of Smartshooter Inc. demonstrates the SMASH, a version of the fire control system that Smartshooter Inc. has teamed up with Sig Sauer to compete in the Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapon Fire Control competition. (Matthew Cox/Military.com)

Smart Shooter Ltd. demonstrated its SMASH Fire Control System at a Sig-hosted range day for SHOT Show 2020. The SMASH is designed to help improve the accuracy of any shooter engaging stationary or moving targets in both day and night conditions, said Devin Schweiss of Smart Shooter Inc.

Pure bullshit.

Go read at the link to this hilarious idea below.



  1. What fresh stupidity is this?

    See, this is where taxpayers (such as yours truly) look at the DOD/military budget and start thinking: “If it isn’t money for socks or ammo, cut it all to zero. Make them raise their own fruits and vegetables, and hunt for their meat.”

  2. These sorry f**ks will do anything not to spend money on training or pay for higher quality people. This is just a symptom–At some point, there are going to be geniuses doing a cost/benefit analysis of keeping trained troops around vs. just pulling people off the street and handing them a sackful of gadgets.

    Whole mentality is essentially corrupt.

  3. How is this different than TrackingPoint? TrackingPoint is itself a miniaturization of the kinds of “smart” fire control systems that have been on tanks for years, too, I think. (I think I learned that from Hognose who was very interested in TrackingPoint.)

    I mean sure, modulo some “Artificial Intelligence” horsefeathers to sex up the brochure for the generals and provide a little extra money for hookers and blow, it sounds like the same basic tech.

    And really, in some ways isn’t every hardware improvement done so that you don’t have to improve the software? There’s nothing you can do with an M4 and an Aimpoint that *can’t* be done with an M16A1 and irons. It’s just that now everybody can make headshots at 300 yards instead of the guys who are unusually good/well-trained.

    I watch driverless cars navigate around my neighborhood on an essentially daily basis. If Google can figure out how to keep these cars from crashing into trees, fire hydrants and each other, then surely a computer can figure out when to drop the hammer once the user has painted the target.

    And nobody wants to live in a world where a billion ChiComs can all go from dutifully making iPhones to grabbing smart rifles off the rack and being snipers.


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