Wuhan Strain Updates 2/1/2020

  • Death toll tops 300, 14,550 cases reported globally
  • First death outside China reported in Philippines
  • Suspected case being tested in New York City
  • 8th US case confirmed in Massachusetts
  • Vietnam, Japan, Australia limit travel to China
  • Hong Kong health-care workers threaten to strike unless border to mainland closed

The numbers keep climbing, no surprise there.

Update (2200ET):  The Philippines office of the World Health Organization has reported the first death of a coronavirus victim outside of China.

On Jan. 29, Zeng Guang, the chief scientist of epidemiology at China’s CDC, made a rare candid admission about why Chinese officials cannot tell people the truth, in an interview with the state-run tabloid Global Times.

And then there’s this, from SixthTone’s David Paulk: “The 8 people detained in Wuhan for “spreading rumors” — who we wrote about in a Jan. 2 article that was censored — were doctors trying to raise the alarm about a new SARS-like virus.” 



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