Crime Against Humanity M60 Edition


OK, so the world’s biggest M60 fan didn’t care for the gold plated M60 so time for Round 2.

Introducing the M60A2-KIRK. No ostentatious gold plating only a drug lord could love this time. We have taken a more conservative and traditional approach that may be more appealing. A more trad look for a man with refined tastes from a more refined time.

The wood stocked M60. If this doesn’t make the man happy i don’t know what it would take.


  1. I’ve got no idea what that abortion is, but it’s not any variant of the M60 I’m familiar with. Allen-head screws holding the receiver frame to the front trunnion? No safety wire on the original-style gas system bits and bobs? The stamping on the receiver, which seems to say “M60V-something like a 5”? Plus, the mix-and-match of things like what looks like a later-model trigger assembly?

    Either airsoft, or a neutered semi-auto abortion someone cobbled up in a fit of deranged madness is my bet.

    Y’all really need to stop triggering me with these things. It’s bad for my blood pressure, and whoever has to clean up the mess after my head explodes one of these times is gonna hit y’all up with a huge bill for the clean-up costs. There’s gonna be blood everywhere.


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