Superbowl Snipers


Some youtube video of LE snipers training for the super bowl. I was surprised how many people didn’t know they did this at the actual stadiums. Why would you not practice shooting and working out the angels at a place like this when you have the chance? A sportball stadium filled with a zillion people is not the place to be working out the angle for a shot the first time. Years ago I read a story of the Secret Service training snipers before a huge sporting event the POTUS was going to be attending. I recall the Top Men had trouble working out what round to use for the plexiglass type stuff in the arena and settled on Federal Trophy bonded bullets to penetrate and still make it to the target. I forget where I read this but think maybe it was Plaster’s manual on sniping.


  1. NYPD have been doing this at Israeli Day parades in NYC at least since 9/11.

    Of course half the problem is if the wrong guys are on the sniping team.

    Read Matt Bracken’s “Enemies Foreign and Domestic” to gain more insight.


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