Spotting A Hidden Handgun


An oldie but a goodie. People who carry every day and use quality holsters and dress appropriately know not to present any of these signs.


  1. Yeah… No.

    See, this works when you’re looking for some idiot that’s only recently begun carrying a handgun, and who hasn’t gotten to the point where they don’t even think about it, anymore. You run into someone who’s been carrying every day since forever, like that little old man I know who was always in overalls and who has had a Colt 1911A1 in deep concealment since he was a little kid…? You’re never going to be able to “read them” and see any of this shit, at all.

    Biggest fucking surprise of my life was Ed hauling that fucking thing out and blasting the shit out of that pair of rattlesnakes with that damn pistol–One, I’d have never expected that skinny old fuck to be able to conceal it, two, because the old bastard did it so casually and naturally that it was like “Oh, he’s got a pistol… BANG. BANG.”. You know how you see someone with a gun, and it’s obvious that they’re completely new to them, and are utterly awkward? Yeah? Well, that wasn’t Ed. Goddamn pistol was out, and both of the snakes were flopping around in the dust with their heads off before I realized what the funny sound was behind me.

    I was around that guy fer-fucking-ever, and never knew he routinely daily-carried that goddamn hand-cannon of his, along with spare magazines and rounds. Of course, he was doing that for twenty years before I was born, but… Still.

    Note to those unaware: Beware of old men who don’t talk shit, and who spent their formative years in Korea running patrols into what became the DMZ. The old bastards will surprise you.


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