Utah Bill Would Deny Hunting/Fishing Over Late Child Support


The knee jerk reaction to this is a that it’s a good thing. Having seen a few good men get royally screwed by the child support system though..

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) – If you’re behind on your child support payments, this new Utah bill could prohibit you from hunting or fishing.

H.B. 197, sponsored by Rep. Karianne Lisonbee, would ban people who aren’t up to date on their child support payments from getting a license, permit or tag related to fishing or hunting in the state of Utah.

The bill would prohibit anyone who owes $2,500 or more child support from obtaining the legal permits from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

An individual would only be allowed to buy a permit after they are no longer behind on payments and the Office of Recovery Services has made note of the payment.

If it passes, the bill will go into effect on July 1, 2021.



  1. No… Just… No.

    You want to punish someone, punish them. This idea of doing crap that’s entirely unrelated to their supposed “crime”? Screw that. Dude’s late on his child support, go after his wages.

    You’re never gonna see someone say “Oh, cut off the bitch from her makeup and clothes…” if she’s behind on letting her ex see the kids. That’d be inhumane, that would.

    This crap is why the world is going to burn, and the bitches are going to go back under the fucking patriarchy with a vengeance. It’s always the man’s fault, but if the ex cuts him off from seeing the kids, or makes it impossible, he’s got no fucking recourse.

    Friend of mine had his wife develop dissatisfaction with monogamy a few years ago. She no-faulted his ass on divorce, took him to the cleaners, cut him off from his kids, and then kept taking him back to court. Few years later, he suck-started one of the guns she’d let him keep in the divorce. Hadn’t seen his kids in three-four years, despite court orders that never got enforced. But, let him be a day late on the child support–They’d garnish his wages.

    Fuck this shit, and fuck anyone who supports it. Family law is so fucking biased against men these days that it’s not even funny.

      • Shit, you think divorce is hard on white men, try it as a black guy married to a white woman, like the guy I’m thinking of. She painted him as your stereotypical “hood trash” (he was upper-middle class Theo Huxtable-black…), and made him out to be the bad guy. Whole thing was ‘effing ugly, and the judge in the case that did the most damage was a black woman. Go figure.

        It’s men, period. Not white, not black… Just “men”.

        • Hey man, Doc Huxtable is in prison for rape. not a good comparison lol
          I know what you’re saying though. I agree, there is no place in the modern world in the minds of most women these days

        • Black women, especially successful middle-class black women, viscerally loathe successful middle-class black men who date/marry white women. They take it very personally.

          I have a friend who is a successful middle-class black guy who married a white woman. He caught a load of static from his own mother!

          From a purely demographic standpoint there was probably no worse judge he could have pulled than a black woman.

          I’m sorry your friend killed himself. I hope other dads stick with us. Kids eventually turn 18, and then baby momma can’t hide them from you. 18 seems like a long ways off, but it’s not so far, really.

  2. OK, here’s the deal:

    Either women have agency, and the responsibilities that come with agency, or they don’t and they shouldn’t.

    Either women suffer the results of their choices (ie, choosing someone who wasn’t suited for marriage, or initiating divorce[*]) or they should be denied agency.

    Increasingly, as we see feminism reach its end goals, I believe that we’re rapidly approaching the point where we must admit that Islam has the correct notion of how to handle women. It appears that giving women everything they want(ed) has resulted in the rapid decline of western civilization and b) polling indicates that women are increasingly unhappy, even after getting everything they wanted in political policy for the last 50 years.

    [*] Let’s not ignore the stats: Women initiate the majority of divorces. Just under two-thirds of all divorces are initiated by the female. In cases where the female has a four-year degree or higher education, the divorce is initiated by the female in over 80% of cases. If a woman initiates a divorce, then she should have to suffer the consequences of that divorce – loss of income, and increases child support expenses. It was her choice to divorce, so she should own the consequences.

  3. My first wife…a valley girl from San Diego initiated a no fault divorce. Told me about it on the phone while I was working in SD. Took two thirds of everything I owned. Denied me access to my three kids etc etc. It wans’t good.

    My second wife did much the same. Wanted more money after the divorce, and said she’d claim I’d anally raped her unless I handed over the cash. She’s dumb, so she put that in an email. LoL. She also called the cops and told them I was carrying… big no-no in Australia and could have put me in the slammer and had my guns confiscated, but I sorted it out.. Also not a good time.

    Rule number 1. Don’t put your dick in crazy.

    • my ex wife tried to take half of my stuff but in KY, what you had before you married is always yours even duitng/after divorce. and since she was a stay at home wife who didnt really have anything before we married, she didnt get jack shit. really twisted her panties lol

      White women will be the death of western civilization


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