In California, guns are so heavily controlled that even saying the word “gun” will result in a 10,000 dollar fine and 10,000 years in prison. They are so controlled that murders have become something that is basically a myth, a legend repeated by baby boomers old enough to recall a time when California still labored under the oppressive ideology known as freedom. These days, people are safe and their only worry is dying of old age before they can pay their fair share of the state’s tax burden.

Just kidding

A schizophrenic San Diego man accused of a series of unprovoked murders and assaults, mostly on homeless men — several of whom were impaled with railroad spikes — pleaded guilty this week to the grisly crimes. Assault spikes need to be banned immediately.

Jon David Guerrero in San Diego Superior

Jon David Guerrero in San Diego Superior Court ZUMAPRESS

Who knows how many miles of railroad track cross this country? And there are spikes in those track ties just waiting for anyone, even a child to come along and get one. There are no guards or background checks to stop this railroad spike loophole! This gap in the law allowed this man to be seduced by the destructive power of the spike and go on his mass spiking spree.

Jon David Guerrero, 42, pleaded guilty Monday to 15 charges involving 12 men and one woman: four counts each of murder and attempted murder, five counts of assault with a deadly weapon likely to cause great bodily injury and two counts of arson for setting fire to two of the fatal victims, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported. When Will Norfolk Southern stop their evil lobbying to congress ? If only railroad spikes were as regulated as women’s bodies we wouldn’t have this kind of thing happen.

He also confessed to a special-circumstance allegation of committing multiple murders, for which he could have faced the death penalty — but prosecutors had not decided whether to seek it, according to the report. This has become all too common in the US, It never happens in other civilized western nations.

Guerrero, whose mental competency to stand trial has been a factor for years, agreed to be sentenced May 1 to four consecutive life terms behind bars without the possibility of parole, with an additional 143 years to life on top of that.

Guerrero’s horrifying spree began in February 2016 and ended in July of that year, according to the report.



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