Delta Force Guns Over The Years Part 3


Finally getting back to this popular series today after accumulating some high-ish quality photos. This set is from the 1989 operation in Panama. ACID GAMBIT. Above is a photo of Paul Howe, famous firearms trainer, with his “CAR15” with M203 attached. I believe the carbine to be the Colt R723.

Above are some more Delta force guys with the same carbines which were popular at the time and still highly thought of by the users. You can see the taped and bracketed on dive lights used at the time and some of the earl surefire red dots on a few of the carbines. Bottom right guy has a chest rig that hinted at things to come in the tactical gear world. Fellow on far right is using a mag coupler.

Some more of the same guns. Guy on far left who I am sure is Howe, has suppressor attached to his carbine. You can see the dive lights and early aimpoints on two other carbines.

A good look at the light rigging in this photo.

Not a lot to see in this one but I include it because you get a clear look at the use of a dual mag coupler.

Above is a great shot of the representative Delta carbine at the time. Colt carbine with early red dot, the dive light and dual mag holder.


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