Wyatt Earp’s ‘Vendetta Ride’ shotgun


The shotgun Wyatt Earp used in one of the West’s most famous shootouts is up for auction.

On March 24 the posse came across the cowboy camp in the Whetstone Mountains west of Tombstone, where they encountered nine suspects in Morgan Earp’s murder.

Amongst them was ‘Curly Bill’ Brocius, known as “Arizona’s most famous outlaw”, who was also wanted for robbing two Tombstone stagecoaches just two months earlier.

Brocius fired at Earp with his own shotgun and missed, but when the lawman returned fire his aim was true, and the outlaw was almost cut in two by a round of buckshot to the stomach.

Earp had borrowed the shotgun from his friend Fred Dodge, an undercover Wells Fargo agent sent to Tombstone to investigate stage coach robberies for the company.

After the shoot-out he returned the weapon to Dodge, who continued to use it throughout his 40-year career with the company before retiring in 1917

The double barrel Stevens is being sold by Heritage Auctions if you are rich enough to make a bid.



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