Viet Cong Grenade “Bring Backs”


Another little bit of Vietnam war history. The grenades pictured above have an interesting story. The pictures where posted by a vet who brought them back home.

He recovered the grenades after taking them off a communist who didn’t need them anymore in the Delta region of South Vietnam. The grenades are “jungle work shop” grenades and he explained that the bodies are made from lead. He had them de-milled by the unit experts and rendered safe. He some how was able to bring them back home with him as souvenirs. He mentioned the had run up against these in combat before and they were ,luckily for the GIs, not very deadly.

The owner of the VC frags mentioned donating them to a museum. That would be a great place for them to end up. Makes you wonder how much more of this stuff is out there brought back from VN .

Below is another Viet Cong jungle workshop grenade. This one was made using a discarded 20 round mag from an M16 and the fuse from a smoke grenade most likely. This was used for a booby trap if I recall correctly.



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