Wuhan Strain ( Kung Flu) update 1/25/20

  • First nCoV death reported in Shanghai
  • South Korea confirms third case
  • Toronto health officials to announce first ‘presumptive case’ of coronavirus in Canada
  • 1975 Cases Worldwide; 56 deaths (still about a 3% mortality rate)
  • 18 Chinese cities – 56 million people – quarantined
  • President Xi said China faces a ‘grave situation’ as the spread is ‘accelerating’
  • US and Russia planning evacuation of citizens from Wuhan
  • Australia and Malaysia join the list of global nations with nCoV cases, in addition to France, Pakistan, Singapore, the US and Nepal
  • Chinese President Xi Jinping empowered local governments and said teams from Beijing will be sent to severely impacted areas to strengthen front-line prevention and containment
  • The US and France chartered planes to evacuate diplomats and nationals in containment zones
  • The director of the CDC says she expects cases of human-to-human transmission in the US
  • China banned all domestic tour groups immediately and overseas group tours from Jan 27
  • Starbucks and China said they were closing some stores in China
  • Wuhan is building a second emergency hospital, this one with 1300 beds
  • 3 doctors in Beijing who visited Wuhan are confirmed to have the virus


  1. I need to scary up your death stat for that bug a bit. The disease takes several days to kill off it’s victims, but the current infected count is “today” and counts day 1 infected the same as say 8 infected.

    The most accurate death rate count is after its over and they can say 10k got infected, 500 died and 9500 recovered. The closest we can get in process of it spreading is look at the infection rate several days ago and compare that to the dead count today to take into account the time the disease takes to kill a host. 4-5 days ago they were saying approximately 500 infected. 56 out of 1900 is ugly, 56 out of 500 is downright nasty.

  2. Thing to remember is that the Chinese public health system and general standard of public sanitation is utter shiite. This may kill millions in China, India, and other such less-developed countries, but by the time it hits here, where there are much better standards for both things outside the inner city cores, well… Yeah. May well wreak havoc on the homeless population and the urbanites who have allowed that cancer to fester, but outside those areas, where the population density is much lower and there’s more room to isolate?

    Not to suggest complacency, but it’s also not rational to look at what happens in China and then project outwards. For China, this might well be the Black Death; here in North America, it might just be a bad flu season.

    Don’t forget–Flu kills around 60-80,000 every year.

    What’s actually going to be the biggest potential side effect from this is a loss of stability in China, and taking them out of the industrial world’s production base. That’s going to be enormously disruptive to a lot of supply chains.

    On the other hand… Oh, horrors; Jeff Bezos won’t be able to sell as much fake dog poo, this year…


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