Update to Wuhan Strain News


I got another update on the current Wuhan strain. Lot happening this morning. China’s claims and efforts at containment are as laughable as we already knew it would be. Not very good news about its spread unless you are like me and hoping for that zombie pandemic to start. I share this news because it’s interesting not because it’s any real threat. So don’t go panicking.


Here’s a glimpse of new virus-related developments that occurred overnight.

  • Total number of confirmed cases now 939+, 26 dead.
  • China restricts travel for 46+ million people across 16 cities as the death toll surges.
  • Two deaths have been reported outside Wuhan.
  • Some residents displaying symptoms are being turned away from hospitals.
  • Hospitals in Wuhan make urgent pleas for help and supplies.
  • Beijing orders PLA medics to assist in Wuhan treating patients
  • UK and US governments tell citizens to avoid outbreak zones.
  • 63 suspected cases in US, Senator says 3 confirmed, across Minnesota, Illinois, Jersey, and California

* * *

Update (1320ET): CNBC’s Eunice Yoon has provided the latest horrifying update of the spread of the Coronavirus in China:

China quarantines 16 cities, total population 46 million

  • Wuhan: 11mln
  • Huanggang: 7.5mln
  • Xiangyang: 6.1mln
  • Yichang: 4.2mln
  • Jingmen: 3mln
  • Xianning: 2.8mln
  • Huangshi: 2.5mln
  • Suizhou: 2.2mln
  • Xiantao: 1.6mln
  • Ezhou: 1mln
  • Qianjiang: 962k
  • Enshi: 780k
  • Xiaogan: 780k
  • Zhijiang: 550k
  • Dangyang: 560k
  • Chibi: 530k

That is larger than the entire 39.5 million population of California.

The DoD said it’s following CDC guidance on the virus.

* * *

Update (1120ET): A senator has reportedly told the press that the CDC is about to confirm a third case of coronavirus in the US.

As authorities in Beijing try to convince the world that they have the outbreak under control, researchers in the US and UK have warned that the total number of cases might be closer to 4,000, according to the New York Times.

South Korea and Japan have each confirmed their second cases, while the US worries that a second case may have been discovered in Texas. Reports that an individual is under quarantine in Sydney have also emerged, while fears about a virus case in New Jersey have already been debunked.


  1. Let’s put aside the death toll for a second. I’m not minimizing the number of people who will die, or that they died.

    China right now is reeling from the economic tit-for-tat that Trump has laid down on them, coupled with their last 20 years of economic mis-allocation of funds coming home to roost.

    Now, with this epidemic coming down on them, their economy is going to take a swift roundhouse kick to the head.

    When this happens, there will be ramifications.

    • The virus is already putting a hurt on their economy, I started to add the news about stocks and their economy as part of my covering of it but I thought that may be in poor taste haha Im already pretty cavalier about my reporting on it. but in times like these you need a little black humor I think. Talking about financial impact seems too heartless during a time like this, even for me


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