Quick Update to the China-Virus

  • 8 Chinese cities, more than 23 million people, effectively under quarantine
  • Multiple cases across the world – from Scotland to Singapore and USA
  • 653 Infected according to Chinese officials (Mainland China: 639 Taiwan: 1 Macau: 2 Hong Kong: 2 Vietnam: 2 Thailand: 3 Singapore: 1 Japan: 1 South Korea: 1 US: 1)
  • 18 Dead (following 1st death outside Wuhan)
  • WHO says “not the time to declare a global health emergency”
  • Patient in Texas recently traveled to Wuhan
  • WHO estimates coronavirus is about as contagious as the Spanish flu, more than twice as infectious as the common flu. 

That is not at all disconcerting


  1. Free health tip:

    Wash your hands.

    Seriously, you cannot believe how often people touch surfaces, doorknobs, handles, guide rails, and so on – and then do not wash their hands before eating/etc.

    Wash your hands. Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer when you don’t have any better options, but soap and hot water, really scrubbed into one’s hands, works better.

    Better yet, be aware of what you touch, and whether or not you need to touch it.

  2. The woman opposite my Mum’s bed is apparently a regular – she is very upset at the news she’s being discharged… I’ve been here 5 hours and would take a hammer to my gonads to get away.


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