Top. Man. Watch ( HIV Edition)


Martique Vanderpool, 30, was arrested for the alleged rape of a woman following a traffic stop and was indicted Tuesday, Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Aisha Braveboy said during a news conference Wednesday afternoon.

After a two-month investigation, detectives learned that around 11:20 p.m. on Sept. 6, Vanderpool, and a second Fairmount Heights police officer, conducted a traffic stop at Sheriff Road and Cabin Branch Drive in Capitol Heights, police said.

A woman, who was the driver of a car and the only occupant, was asked by Vanderpool to step out of her car during a traffic stop and she was handcuffed, police said. 

Vanderpool called for a tow truck to impound the victim’s car, and she was taken back to the Fairmount Heights Police Department, police said.

“While there, Vanderpool told the victim if she engaged in a sexual act with him, he would release her,” a Prince George’s County press release said. “The victim complied.

After Vanderpool sexually assaulted the woman, police said he issued her several citations, drove her to the impound lot and had her car released back to her. 

That’s pretty bad. you rape her then give her AIDS and then still cite her. I guess all that is no excuse for not enforcing the law though. Sorry toots, thems the laws.

America’s finest right there. I feel safer knowing top cops like Vanderpool are handed a badge and a gun and given power of life and death over us peons.

Vanderpool is charged with transfer of HIV to another, first- and second-degree rape, second-degree assault, fourth-degree sex act, reckless endangerment, and several counts of misconduct in office, according indictment documents. He’s being held without bond at the Department of Corrections.

While its not much comfort, the victim can at least rest assured her medical bills will be covered with the cosmic level of money she is going to receive from the lawsuit. I won’t make any comments on what kind of person the lady may be outside of this crime committed against her. You can infer my opinion from the fact that I even wrote that. There is no doubt it was still abuse of his position and heinous crime that has irrevocably changed the victims life for the worst.


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