Side Shot From The Corner Pocket


PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Police say a Rhode Island man ( now woman)accidentally shot himself( herself) in the scrotum while sitting on his bed. Providence police officers found 22-year-old Edward Martinez in a hallway wearing no pants with a gunshot wound to his scrotum Thursday night.

Martinez told police he took his pants off after he fired the gun and located the wound. Hey. I’ve never shot myself in the nuts before. But I am gonna go out on a limb and say you probably don’t have to take your pants off to know you just made the worst oopsie you could make.

He was taken to Rhode Island Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. That’s debatable.

Police seized three guns that were found inside Martinez’s bedroom, including a semi-automatic pistol on his bedside table. He isn’t facing any criminal charges at this time.

Why take his guns..? Probably to stop the impending suicide . I think Edna has been punished enough. We are wishing her a quick recovery.


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