PSA “Glock ” / PS9 DAGR


Looks like the PSA glock frame is actually a PSA glock for all intents and purposes. This is the start of something I have talked about on and off over the years that is, in another 20 years will the the generic term “glock” be associated with any pistol that looks like a glock but not be nearly as reliable or quality.

Price will start at $299.99 yankee greenbacks.


  1. All the various off-brand Glocks, whether Glock-compatible or not, seem to be clustering right around three bills MSRP. It does tend to indicate what the profit margins on Glock-brand Glocks must be, especially since Gaston can spread out the cost of the injection molds across the eleventy billion he’s going to sell.

    And yeah, I had the same thought when you posted about the PSA Glock: It’s kind of the 1911ization of the Glock, for good and for ill.


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