Christensen Arms The Ranger 22


What is it with this sudden boost in the 22 long rifle lately? I get it, they are fun but man there is a lot of rimfire stuff coming out this year. I can imagine the cost of this rifle will be equal to a precision centerfire precision bolt gun.

GUNNISON, Utah – (January 20, 2019) Christensen Arms has announced a new rimfire rifle option for competition shooters and small game hunters alike. The Ranger 22 is an advanced .22 caliber firearm built for top-tier performance and offered at a retail price of $795. 

The bolt-action platform features an aluminum receiver with dual opposing steel locking lugs, a Christensen Arms Carbon Fiber Tension Barrel, and a new Carbon Fiber Composite Rimfire Stock. The rifle is also well equipped with standard sling studs, a 0 MOA picatinny rail, and Trigger Tech® Remington® 700 match grade trigger. 

“We took to the challenge of building an advanced rimfire rifle with the same dedication and determination we commit to all of our firearms,” said Jason Christensen, CEO of Christensen Arms. “Many of the same technologies and materials used in our centerfire rifle production are reflected in the final product.”

The Ranger 22 is available chambered in 22 LR with an 18 inch barrel. Finish offerings include the classic Black with Gray Webbing finish as well as a new Tan with Black Webbing option. The firearm weighs in starting at 5.1 pounds and is backed by a Sub-MOA at 50 Yards Accuracy Guarantee. The Ranger 22 is made in the USA and is available to order from any Christensen Arms dealer.


  1. Not sure what to think of that. I’m sure it’s an incredible rifle but, with a rimfire, you’re at the mercy of the ammo. I have one of those heavily modded 10/22s that will shoot ragged-hole groups at 50 yds with ammo it likes…but that varies not just with type but lot so, some days, it’s not that special. Lot of money for a 22 (and, yeah, I have a lot of money in mine).

  2. >>>What is it with this sudden boost in the 22 long rifle lately?

    “long range rimfire” for peeps without easy access to truly long ranges, or for the basics of rifle shooting after years of magdumps and big gun flinch.

    and olympic anschütz not tacticool enough for real men.

  3. Rocketguy, I bought a “Clark Squirrel Special” 10/22 more than two decades ago.
    It cost more than this rifle.
    And it will also cut one small ragged hole at 50 yards, however mine is not ammo sensitive.
    Here you are paying a premium for the fancy carbon fiber, nice for weight reduction.
    My 10/22 is hands down the most useful firearm I own, it was worth every penny.

  4. Looks like a nice rifle. All 22lr guns are ammo sensitive.. I’m a serious benchrest shooter. 10/22 rifles won’t compete in unlimited benchrest. Not even the best custom 10/22s but there is a need for good factory .22 rifles. ARA is starting a factory class and this might be a candidate.


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