New Optic From Nightforce Announced



“As shooters continue to push the boundaries of what is possible for target distances, riflescopes are limited in overall adjustment for providing accurate fire,” said Alan Stilwell, Commercial Sales Manager. “Our Wedge Prism works with any riflescope to provide additional aiming offset, allowing successful and repeatable target engagements beyond what a riflescope could do with internal adjustment alone.”

The Wedge Prism provides a repeatable offset of the optical image, yet minimizes the loss of image quality, resolution and clarity. Available as a 50 MOA/14.5 MRAD or 100 MOA/29.1 MRAD variant, the shooter can choose an individual unit or combine models to tailor the amount of additional offset needed to reach their target. The quick-detach lever allows for rapid and repeatable installation and removal in the field, and by attaching to a rail prevents additional stresses on the riflescope.

“With this simple tool, a shooter can easily do the math to configure their rifle to hit their target,” Stilwell added. “For example, if my .416 Barrett requires 124 MOA of drop at 3,000 yards, but my scope will only dial up 90 MOA from zero, adding a 50 MOA Wedge Prism offsets the required dialing and only needs to be dialed up 74 MOA to reach the target and use the center aiming point of the reticle. This same principle works for .22 LRs past 300 yards, subsonic .300 Blackouts at 400 yards or when pushing any other cartridge beyond their normal limits.”

The Wedge Prism is available at $990 USD MSRP, and includes a MOLLE padded carrying case, flip-up lens cap and lens cleaning cloth. The first units will be available in February 2020. For more information on Nightforce Optics and the Wedge Prism, please visit


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