Governor of Va having a wall put up


B-ARFCOM user BSskinner posted this bit of news today.

After lunch I took a walk over to see what Northam had planned for us on Monday. I will try to update this thread daily with any additional information and pictures as things are put in place so everyone is informed. There is currently probably a mile of chain link fencing erected.

The entire perimeter of the square is enclosed in chain link fencing. No guard shacks or other evidence of the specific entry points to be allowed is yet apparent.

The Capitol building is entirely enclosed in fencing. The steps will not be accessible nor will the walkway going around the building.

Washington’s statue is entirely enclosed in fencing.

Much of the green space is also enclosed in fencing.

My estimate is that approximately 30-50% of the total area of Capitol square will be off-limits on the 20th.


  1. That was my first thought also…..
    A wall to keep out the legals, the law abiding citizens of Virginia, but hey, let the illegals vote with their new drivers license…. and that’s ok
    Something is wrong with this picture!

  2. Supposedly, the FBI has arrested three men who they claim are white supremacists.

    One of these men is an illegal alien from (wait for it) Canada.

    • Somewhere on the eastern seaboard, an agent provocateur is shaking the creases out of his new Nazi flag.

      The .gov playbook for this op couldn’t be any clearer if they published it on the Internet.

        • 50% of the “patriots” at Malheur we’re on .gov’s payroll, mostly as paid informants. The feds were forced to admit this when they put some of the Malheur crew on trial a couple of years ago.


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