Determination and perseverance . That was the first thing I thought when I read this.

Katheleen Ayala

Katheleen Ayala.

A New Jersey woman allegedly stabbed a man to death with a set of nail clippers during a fight at their trailer park, officials said Tuesday. That’s right. Finger nail clippers.

Katheleen Ayala, 30, got into the deadly brawl with 35-year-old Alex Torres in their mobile home in Millville Sunday at around 1 a.m., the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office said.

When you think about all the ways you might meet your end, I bet murdered by finger nails clippers has never occurred to you.

The fight spilled outside, as Ayala chased Torres, allegedly stabbing him several times with the clippers, including in the leg, prosecutors said.

Ayala was originally charged with assault and weapons offenses.

Authorities haven’t said what the relationship between Ayala and Torres was, nor what prompted the alleged fight. They also didn’t explain exactly how she was able to kill Torres with the clippers.

I have never wanted an explanation for anything more than I want one for this. Life beyond earth? What happens when you die? How to do algebra? Winning powerball numbers? How to be more attractive ? Don’t care. I want to know how the hell she did this.



  1. Repeat after me: There are no such things as “dangerous weapons”. There are only dangerous men and women.

    I decide you’re in need of killing, the lack of an “oofeecullll weapon” ain’t going to stop me. If I have to, I’ll knock your ass down, straddle you, and fill your breathing orifices with canned whipped cream until you asphyxiate. And, then, if I want to make it look like “not murder”, I’ll stage the scene to make it look like you were huffing the nitrous oxide to get high with, and suffered an unfortunate “workplace accident”, murdering not only your mind and body, but your reputation.

    Really piss me off, and I’ll make it look like a David Carradine situation, and maybe add in the fillip of you appearing to have been sexually abusing your poor put-upon housepets into the bargain…

    On the other hand, you could kit your average sheep-human out as if they were a Delta operator, and they’d be no more dangerous than any other grass-eater. It’s all in the mind.

    I would lay long odds, though, that the “nail clippers” she used were likely the pointy plier-like jobs they use on toenails, and not the little dinky things you carry on your keyring. I’ve got a set of Solingen straight nail clippers that I’m pretty sure I could use as an improvised weapon to embarrassing effect for one of us…

    Ones like this one:


    • This. Oh, so much this.

      To someone with the right mindset, an average room contains hundreds of objects that can be used as a weapon, from magazines to furniture.


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