1. Want people to quit shooting into the air?

    Then quit inviting the Third World to come here.

    When I lived in LA in the 80’s, you knew which neighborhoods had the problem of ‘happy fire’ on NYE: The Mexican and central American neighborhoods.

    Neighborhoods where it was pasty-white? We only had DUI arrests.

      • That doesn’t quite look like any hicky I’ve seen, but I’ll take your work for it.

        I’ve seen 115gr 9mm pills that have landed on the ground when I used to work in East Palo Alto. I’d be curious to examine that pill in the photo and see if it is consistent with what I’ve seen in the past. And the ‘happy fire’ was from third world minorities, and it would occasionally break car windows where the landed. Every now and then, we’d get a broken window on the office building from a 115gr pill launched directly at us from a distance – it usually would not completely penetrate, but it would require replacement of the window.

        • its a hicky man, you can see the marks are shaped like lips . on top of that I saw the original uncropped post. bitch cheated on him and made up the story

          • Well then, I hope she got karmic justice in a big way. If it is that obvious, she’d have to be pretty dumb to try to fob it off on a bullet.

            Never had to deal with anything less than a full-on bite in EMS. Some of those get damn ugly, and most of them are done by, not to, women.


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