Badger Ordnance New C1 Line Of Mounts


The flood of new product announcements before this year’s SHOT show continues. Badger ordnance has shown a few new products for their C1 line. I’m a big fan of Badger stuff myself and look forward to seeing more about this stuff.

The new products add to their line these modular mounting solutions. Obviously focused on the long range precision shooting community.

The C1 ARC (Accessory Ring Cap) is a modular replacement ring cap for any Condition One Modular Mount. It allows the user to mount a myriad of accessories fore or aft on their C1 Mounts, to include different variants of Laser Range Finder rails (12 slot tall or 8 slot short) or 12 o’clock mounted red dots. The C1 ARC allows the accessories to be connected or disconnected without removal of the ARC itself thus maintaining zero of your primary optic.”

Also new is the C1 ACI (Angle Cosine Indicator) and C1 ACD (Anti Cant Device). The C1 ACI allows for the attachment of the Sniper Tools Design ACI directly to the C1 line of mounts. It can be configured in 2 different heights , high or low. The C1 ACD is a leveling instrument designed for the C1 line of mounts to ensure that a weapon is level before a shot is taken. The level itself can be user calibrated . The C1 ACD also allows the user to attach a d tritium vial to the level for use during low/no light .

The C1 ACI and ACD can be mounted left/right, on any C1 Modular Mount.


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