SIG M17 Surplus Photos


I haven’t had the chance to shoot this yet, so I figured I’d share a few photos and with hold comment until after I’ve shot it.


  1. My most recent handgun purchase came down to a choice between the SIG P320 (which is the civilian M17 I believe) and the Walther PPQ. i went for the PPQ because of its great trigger.

    I’m looking forward to your comments on the gun.

  2. The thing I find more than a little annoying is that these are surplus because of the control colors… WTF? Big Army couldn’t handle having the controls the same color as the pistol, and had to go with black/tan for the sake of appearances?

    I swear to God, sometimes I think the best thing that could happen to the Army would be for it to get shut down and started completely over from first principles. Most of the idiots making decisions have their priorities so ‘effed up that it’s beyond mere human comprehension.

    I’m never, ever going to forget the Engineer School’s back-channel response to me over getting some of my guys up to the Canadian Humanitarian Demining Course back in the nineties…”That’s a capability we don’t want to have, because if we have it, then someone will want us to do it, and there’s no mandate or budget for it…”.

    After I got shut down on that deal, and took the HEAT round up my ass for “exceeding my authority”, about a week later, I had a small delegation from 1st SF Group come looking for me, because my name was given to them as an SME for mine clearance… Seems that what I’d predicted had come true, and the nice people in the Clinton administration had found the Army a humanitaritan demining mission in Cambodia, followed shortly by the Bosnia/Kosovo charades…

    I swear, we’d do better by the troops if we outsourced running the Army to a bunch of syphilitic baboons. In most cases.


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