When you want that sweet pic for ” the grams” you will do anything. Some beautiful vista in the background while you pose in front with your $10,00 clothes on is to die for.

A British model fell to her death from a popular selfie spot in Australia on Sunday morning.

Madalyn Davis, 21, died after plunging off a 98-foot-high cliff in Diamond Bay Reserve in Sydney at around 6:30am, according to police.

The tourist had been at a party in Vaucluse on Saturday night, before she and seven friends decided to head to the cliffs in the early hours on Sunday. Go to party, get drunk all night, among other things, then decided to climb up to a cliff and set on the edge to get pictures. What could go wrong?

They are believed to have climbed a fence to sit on the edge of a cliff to watch the sunrise

Weird, she looks like she is just brimming with good judgement.

Tributes to the backpacker flooded social media, with one person writing: “Such a beautiful soul, you just loved living life to the fullest, you was one of the nicest people, the most beautiful! you’ll be missed soo much, you really was taken too soon.” She was described as a “free spirit” and “beautiful inside and out” by friends online . After a 98 foot drop I guess they got a good enough look to know.

Police said in a statement that they are currently investigating Madalyn’s death. “An investigation is underway. A report will be prepared for the coroner.”

I’m calling it now. Murdered by jealous fat chick gal pal.


  1. I’ve actually been to that overlook. A beautiful view, and when I was there, it was equipped with railings and fence.

    People have zedded themselves off the rim of the Grand Canyon, they’ve dropped off of buildings, they’ve jumped over three distinct barriers to get closer to Binky the Polar Bear in the Anchorage Zoo.

    There’s lots of people who aren’t that bright.

    • Binky and Nuka! There are some names to conjure with. I had a tee shirt with them on it a zillion years ago. I think it was given to me by the SysOp of one of the local BBSes, where Binky was a big hit.

  2. “After a 98 foot drop I guess they got a good enough look to know.” Now that was worthy of Hognose at his best. Made me wince and laugh at the same time.


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