Live from Virginia Assembly Building


Riflenoob from Barfcom is posting live updates from VA today.

There are thousands and thousands of folks here for today’s Judiciary Committee meeting on universal background checks, red flag laws, one handgun a month law etc.

I’ve seen at least a few thousand and am currently a couple hallways away from the meeting room.

The committee has decided that Moms Demand Action shirt wearers get to go to the front of the line!

The State Police just came out and said the committee decided they get equal representation in the meeting room!

They make up less than 1% (less than 0.5% or fewer) of the line but they are going to the front.

This is ludicrous and not equal representation of folks who are here!!!

CryoTech reports that- “Saslaw has pulled sb16. Leaving Levine’s much nastier house bill as the standing awb. “


  1. The dRat scum are just trying to demonstrate their contempt for the rest of us. NEVER FORGET this insult! Remember these people long and hard!


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