VA Lawmakers ban guns at the Capitol


They are afraid. Keep them afraid.

RICHMOND, Va. — Virginia lawmakers voted Friday to ban firearms at the state Capitol, the first in what’s expected to be many contentious gun votes in coming weeks.

Newly empowered Democrats in the General Assembly voted to ban guns at the Capitol and a legislative office building, saying the move was needed to protect public safety.

Public officials have expressed concerns about planned Jan. 20 rallies that are set to draw huge crowds of pro-gun and gun-control advocates. Gun advocates from around Virginia and even out of state have pledged to turn out in force to highlight their resistance to proposed gun-control measures.

“The overall goal here is to protect and ensure the safety of our members and of the people that are in our building coming and going,” Democratic Del. Marcus Simon said before the vote.

The ban would apply to lawmakers in addition to the general public.

So here it is. They know people are angry and they know people are going to show up with guns open carrying. My advice to everyone going is to ignore this law and carry anyway. You can not show these tyrants that you are not going to comply with their illegal legislation by showing up that day and complying with their first law.

I know this has been a controversial topic. One group wants you to show up dressed like Alex P. Keaton, young republican so as not not make the anti-gun people scared, The other group says that is exactly what the hell you should be doing. I belong in that group. These people have to be shown just how close they are . Your best light blue button down shirt, khaki pants and penny loafers is not going to bring that message home. Showing up looking like you are ready for the fight they are trying to start will. The NRA and even the VCDL will tell you different. well, the first is useless and the second has to say that because its good PR for the on the fence fudds. Do it anyway.

A lot of people are watching this and they will never back down until they see just how ready people are. None of us here live in VA but we do support them. If some or most of the gun owners of VA show up at the rally already compliant then I have no more help to offer. They have decided the boot isn’t so bad after all and my advice to the rest of you would be to move to KY or WV.


  1. Anybody who shows up to that Virginia rally in any state of dress or undress is in the running for the 2020 issuance of the James Fields Memorial Prize for Epic Political Stupidity.

    Fighting where you are strong is among the most basic rules of strategy. Ditto for not being where the enemy expects you to be. This rally violates both of those tenets, and about 100 others.

      • I’m going to rant about this some more, since you made the point that I live far, far away.

        The rally has all the utility of blindfolded guys swinging broomsticks at a bag of garbage. Best case scenario? Nothing happens. Worst case scenario? I get a mixture of garbage and garbage juice on me, several states away.

        What’s the point of this rally? To influence legislation? There are 1000 ways to do that that won’t involve provocateurs in Klan hoods or paid antifa commies. To start the boogaloo? What an epically stupid time/place/manner to start the boogaloo. To “send a message”? Try Western Union.

        • Yes and those 1000 other ways have really worked well in CA and IL and NY and NJ.

          I would submit to you that your time to send western union with a white shirt and tie has passed when a government is about to make you a felon, talking about sending out the national guard to kill you to take your guns while also ignoring federal and state laws about illegal aliens and all manner of let wing pet projects. If you are happy to live like that out there because CA might ban guns again for the 15th time, then I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t get the impression the boys in VA care much about what everyone else’s opinion is on how they go about getting their point across

          • AFAICT, your position is that we need to do something different than what’s been done in CA, NJ and half a dozen other states. No argument from me on that.

            Can you give me a brief outline on how we get from:
            1. x dozen buses pull up in Richmond on the 20th
            3. Profit!


            (Not in CA, BTW. My state has fantastic gun laws. For now.)

          • correct me if I’m wrong on this, but it seems to me you think I have some plan that doesn’t involve force. When in fact that is exactly what my plan would be

  2. Denial.

    Thanks for covering this, there is NO coverage of this in my local media ( Northern California).
    The people of Virginia can either let their legislators know in no uncertain terms that they are free men and women or they can become serfs.
    The Constitution and Bill of Rights apply, or they don’t.
    Those rights were paid for in blood.
    Sic Semper Tyrannis!


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