Six Gun, Six Squibs


When I see a picture like this, I always say to myself. “who the hell are these people?”

Above is a couple of photos I found on facebook group. I don’t have any background for it or how it happened but I think we can all figure that out. Some 144 IQ big brain or a child, fired an entire cylinder worth of squibs. The barrel had to be removed to get the slugs out.

Some one’s handloading skills need work or a factory had a really bad day.

I can’t even start to get a handle on how many rounds I have fired in my life and I can think of only two times I saw a squib. The first was a friend shooting a Springfield Trophy Match. We had to beat the bullet out of the barrel with a cleaning rod. The only one I fired myself was a 357 round hand loaded by the owner of the gun. The bullet started into the barrel but not far enough o let the cylinder rotate. The owner had no idea how to proceed. I ended up giving a good whack to the cylinder with a rubber mallet to force it open and then beat the wadcutter out with a cleaning rod. I have never fired a squib through a rife.


  1. Ran into some old 45 handloads a couple years ago and fired them out of a 1917 Colt. I noticed they sounded and felt inconsistent then noticed one barely made a pop and watched the bullet roll across the ground. Because I’m twisted, I decided to *carefully* fire the rest of the box just to get rid of them but launched them into the water-filled quarry. Toward the end of the supply – pop-splash, pop-splash, pop-……. Squib stuck in the barrel. It’s surprising how hard to have to beat on them to drive them out. That bullet is overcoming a lot of friction.

  2. Judging by the targets I see at the shooting range, lots of folks could safely assume that their squib load just clean missed the target.

  3. I shoot PPC with a very very highly modified and tuned S&W .38 revolver. This gun will shoot sub 1 inch groups at 50 yards, but everything has to be just right for it to work properly. I accidentally loaded some ammo for it last week using magnum small pistol primers which I use in my Model 19 .357 magnum and which are marginally harder than normal primers. The result was two failures to ignite and a squib out of 200 rounds loaded.

    Not to worry though, because this happens every now and then for various reasons, and we all carry 8mm brass rods for knocking the projectile out of the barrel. One of the perils of pushing everything to extremes in the pursuit of performance.

    One match I shoot requires drawing and firing 6 shots on two targets at 10 yards in 4 seconds with factory power ammo…no light target loads. It’s very fast and challenging…at least for me. I’ve seen a guy fire a squib in that series and because he was in the rapid fire groove he wasn’t able to stop himself firing a second shot up the arse of the first. Six times though? That’s just stupidity. There really are people who shouldn’t have guns.

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