Welp, It’s Election Year


I know. I’m cynical. I don’t hate Don Jr. He seems like a good guy who likes guns. He’s more aggressive going after the communists when he is on social media and giving talks and all that. let’s be honest though. He’s a salesman. When we get down to bass tacks that’s what his Dad is and it’s what he is. Nothing wrong with that at all. Right now he is doing what he does best. It’s also a bit of right wing virtue signalling. His Dad had every chance to push the Clinton thing. He spent a year telling us she would be in jail, then on election night immediately said it was not gonna happen. Not that I ever believed that it would. Nature of the beast and all that.

Don Jr. has a neat little gun there and the mag is .. funny I guess. Not as funny as it was in 2016. Am I the only one that keeps thinking of Charlie Brown chasing the football though ? I bet there are some former bump stock owners who do. No complaints at all about Trump and my Senator getting those federal judges appointed though. And RGB’s time grows short.



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