Some Vietnam SF Photos


In case you hadn’t noticed by now, I’m a Vietnam war history enthusiast. And as such I collect pictures from the old Special Forces Vets that befriend me on FB. Some of them have never been seen anywhere outside of these guys sharing them on FB. No books, no old news reports. Just personal collections. It’s a real treat to see these in my opinionation and I am grateful that they are sharing this bi tof history with us. Because as sad as it is, they won’t be with us forever.

First up is a picture of a Special Forces Camp for Det A 416. The picture was taken January 20th, 1968 in the Plain Of Reeds, Mekong Delta. Ap My Dien. Taken by Joe Lenhart.

That looks like a formidable position to me. A moat. A river on one side. Open fields of fire and the classic shape of the perimeter to be able to cover itself at every angle for enfilading fire. You can see all of the fighting positions around the perimeter and what I believe to be mortar pits for 60mm or 81mm mortars in the center. I’m sure Hognose would tell us what exactly everything was for if he was still with us. In fact I would have just emailed him this picture for him to talk about. Unfortunately you have to make due with me.

Next up is a picture of now deceased Msg John McGovern: 1-0 RT Virginia

In this photo John was training some of the indig team members on rappelling from helicopters and static line parachute training if memory serves. It has an excellent view of his customized BAD belt. It looks to have the pouches sewn on to a M56 web belt and M56 H-harness. You can see his strobe light and knife and first aid/Gp pouch on the harness front straps.

Above are some more SOG Special Forces soldiers who haven not been ID’ed yet. People’s memory after 50 some years and all that being what it is. The Jeep is market CCS, which is Command & Control South, the part of SOG responsible for Cambodian cross border operations. Anothre good view oa BAR belt and SOG’s signature weapon, the CAR-15 ,also known as the XM177 in official military nomenclature.



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