New Years In Detroit


DETROIT – Shocking video of people across Detroit firing guns into the air at the stroke of midnight for New Year’s Day is demonstrating the danger of celebratory gunfire.

First I got to ask, what is shocking about diversity in Detroit shooting into the air without any fear of consequences? I would be shocked if this didn’t happen.

Lifelong Detroit resident Muhsin Muhammad said his home got hit by a shot in the past.

If you are wondering if I am above making a joke about the middle east here the answer is no.

“We know it’s coming, and you can hear it all around you,” Muhammad said.

He said his family has a safety plan.

“The No. 1 tactic I use is I try to stay in a safe place,” Muhammad said. “We try to stay away from windows.”

Good safety tip from Muhammad. Stay away from the windows when the local diversity gets boozed up and decides to crank off a few rounds from all those guns they own illegally as felons.

Medical officials riding an EMS rig in Detroit said their windshield was struck by one of those bullets.

The windshield of an EMS vehicle that was struck by a bullet Dec. 31, 2019.
The windshield of an EMS vehicle that was struck by a bullet Dec. 31, 2019.

In Houston, a 61-year-old nurse was hit in the neck and killed by celebratory gunfire, according to police. See !Even those cowboys in redneck gun crazy Norte Mexico have idiots yeehawing and shooting their 6 shooters in the air! It’s not just a problem with Detroit . #nogunsinTXchurch !

Muhammad said the problem is getting worse in Detroit. Man is a damn genius.

“Did you say you get under the bed?” Local 4′s Shawn Ley asked.

Get under the bed.. Something a true liberal urinalist would think of doing. May I also suggest pulling the covers over your head and letting your teddy bear protect you Mr. ley?

“We lie down in a prone position so if it comes through the window it does not have a horizontal projection,” Muhammad said.

One bullet went straight through the roof of a business, officials said. The round landed on the floor.

“I don’t think they care,” Muhammad said. “It is, ‘I want to show a display of firearms.’”

They don’t care Muhammad. Why would they? Protect class has its benefits after all.


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