Dead Air/Noveske “Clone” 733 From Heat


Do you like the Michael Mann classic film Heat ? Do you like the carbines used in that movies climatic shootout? Do you have a total lack of sense and $3,000 yankee greenbacks that you can’t wait to flush down the toilet? If so I got some great news for you.

A Suppressor company I never heard of and the most over rated AR maker not named Salient arms have teamed up to try to sell you a clone( that isn’t a very good clone) of the Colt 733 used in the movie.

Who this will appeal to I have no idea. It’s not an accurate clone of the movie gun, its way too much for just a fun gun to play with. You can reproduce a 733 for less than half of that. And if you are going to pay 3K you can buy a Colt 6933 and swap the the M4 upper to a C7 upper for a helluva lot less and still have a SBR. No idea what they are thinking with this. Most people who love that movie would rather have the cut down FAL used by Pacino if they were going to pay 3 grand for a gun.


  1. While I’m not interested in this, I am surprised that you’ve never heard of Dead Air. Suppressors are a niche market in this country, but I see their products just about anywhere else NFA-infringed items are sold. Reviews of their wares are generally favorable as well. I have one of their pistol cans, and while I haven’t had it very long, I am pleased with it so far.

    And lets be fair, that $3,000 does include the cost of the ~$900 suppressor. Again, still not interested in spending more than $2,000 on a LARP-ing prop, but it makes a little more sense.

    We are in agreement that the FNC would be a more interesting project.

    • If you think Noveske is overrated now. Wait a couple months when photos start showing them dethroning the king of over rated come out.

  2. Yeah, that’s kind of random. FNC would be WAY more exciting but I’m sure way harder to pull off. I didnt think they had silencers for that scene either. Btw, What’s wrong with noveske? Over priced for what you get? I thought they were higher end.

    • nothing wrong with noveske. just what do you get exactly that justifies the price? the big selling point int he past was how accurate their barrels were. Seeing what I have done with plain stock milspec barrels over the years and comparing that with the skill level of the majority of people buying, do you really think a noveske barrel is worth that price? and what else is the gun other than boutique features? I just think they are over rated

      • Once upon a time, they were one of the few AR barrel makers to do something other than the A2 “government profile” or M4 profile contours. Add in that they were noted for being more accurate (probably in part due to harmonics) and at least as durable, with better balance…That’s when they developed the cult following. I used to lust after one of their N4 midlength barrels–the schtick was that the N4 took the same amount of material as the M4 carbine-length barrel, but distributed evenly along the barrel length so you had a bit more steel back under the handguard and a bit less out past the gas block journal.

        These days, lots of companies make good barrel profiles, so the specific appeal to Noveske was that they were still especially accurate and durable…but I don’t know if that’s the case anymore.

          • Gotcha. That really wasn’t meant as trying to patronize on my part, though. You didn’t mention anything in the main post, nor your comment, about knowing the history, just some dismissive remarks, so I figured a little amplification (for other readers’ benefit, if nothing else) might not go amiss.
            But it’s your blog. So you’re free to condescend to commenters all you want when they add some background info.

        • Ah. Ok. I never paid much attention to them just always saw their name being tossed around in the high end conversations. Was never sure what was different/special.


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