My Top 2019 Picks


Here we are again at the end of all things. That means it’s time to talk about my favorite product of the year. It might be something that came out this year but it’s something I got in the past year that liked the most.

This was the year I really splurged and got some of the Vickers mags made by Wilson. Larry Vickers told Wilson what he always wanted out of a 1911 mag and they made them. It really turned out an outstanding mag too.

Strong, tough, utterly reliable. Everything you would want from a 1911 magazine. even the base plate is metal. Yes they cost a lot. That’s the downside. I don’t buy these for range toys so after months of testing, they became my carry mags. I have close to 50 Wilson Combat mags already for whatever else. All of them are great. i will never say anything bad about them but these are made with only fighting and combat conditions in mind. Is that enough to justify you paying nearly 60 bucks for one? I don’t know. Make up your own mind on that one. It was worth it to have three for me so far. I give them my highest recommendation.

The other top pick is Underwood ammo. In .45ACP and 10MM. Nothing but top quality in every load tried. Going forward it will be my exclusive 10MM carry ammo and 45 ACP hunting and specialty ammo. I’m still too in love with the Barnes +P solid copper HP loads in 45 for carry to give that up just yet.

There was other good stuff but these stood out this year. That’s about it for 2019 from me.


  1. Happy New year folks,look forward to seeing you all in the new year and perhaps/hopefully peaceful times.

    If not,will get in touch on the other side.


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