Peak 2019 The New 4473 form


Buying a gun but you have always been triggered because the ATF only gave you two choices for sex? Well now you can relax. The feds have added a third choice for biological sex on the 4473. Now if you are a He ,Her or a Xer they got you covered.

This is not a joke. it is real.


  1. OK, now speaking as a FFL:

    Were someone who seemed to be in the throes of “gender dysphoria” to come to be to purchase a firearm, I would turn them down.

    You see, the ATF will not (as has been told to me by the ATF) ever find me at fault for NOT transferring a gun to someone. But in transferring a gun to someone who I had reason to think could be a threat to themselves or others? Oh, now they could pull my FFL.

    People with gender dysphoria (as this confusion is called) has a suicide rate 4 to 5 times the average population, both pre-operatively and post-operatively.

  2. Well, what about me?

    I self-identify as a huddled house masses yearning to eat free.

    On a slightly more serious note, that’s your deep state right there, showing their “pride” by giving you the finger, their version of stamping “Trump lives here” on the back of a twenty-dollar bill, and making you sniff their finger every time you fill out their silly little form, doing it just because they can. Trump may be the Prezident, but those a$$holes are still trying to be in charge. And in regulatory things like this, they are.

    Maybe we should just check all three boxes. Surely that category exists, doesn’t it?

    • trump is the POTUS but they are still in charge, he hasn’t really done anything to change that. Nothing is going to change in DC , ever. we know all know what the solution is though.


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