A Lesson In Safety


This picture above is a good lesson for a lot of people. The very few times when a gun goes off in a way that didn’t involve the owner being an active idiot is because of something like this. People think this kind of thing is rare or a one in a million but it’s not. Triggers can catch on buttons, zippers, gear, car keys. crap in a purse, spare change , you name it. The article from the other day of the Top Man. having his glock just “go off” in a walmart is very likely due to this kind of thing and a combination of his own stupidity from not using a proper holster. The “safety” on the glock trigger( and those like it) is easy to deactivate. That’s one reason a lot of people like it. It’s also easy to deactivate… as in your shirt tail gets snagged up in it when you shove it into your holster when not paying attention. Even worse when shoving it in to your pants in “Mexican carry”.

This is one of the dangers of cramming a subcompact pistol or even revolver into your pants pocket without one of those pocket liner holsters. Getting something in that trigger guard and then yanking that gun out sends a chill down the old spine.

Pay attention to your stuff. Keeping your finger off the trigger and having any safety on are not enough. You already know these things, or you should. It is always worth taking the time to see another example of how a little detail can ruin your day. Or life.


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