ebay and “gun giveback”


My ebay account got suspended today for selling gun stuff.

Previously they had warned me for selling a “barrel shroud”. I had sold a quad rail for an AK. I got suspended for listing up a threaded barrel. See, you can sell barrels on ebay, but not threaded barrels.
What ever, I’m fine with taking my business elsewhere.

Instead of “Gun Buyback” the new buzzword is “Giveback”. Give back your guns to the police.

Yea. . . Sure. . . When did the police ever give me to guns to begin with?

I hear that in VA there is a law that police gun buybacks have to offer to sell the firearms to a dealer. By doing a “giveback” the police could then just destroy any firearms turned in.


  1. I remember buying M1 carbine pouches with “black metal inserts” included back in the day. Or some rather long looking 10 rounders before that was cut off.


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